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Another $ 35 Raspberry minicomputer with improved performance announced


The Raspberry Pi Foundation has announced the next generation Raspberry compact computer. The newcomer complements the popular Raspberry Pi family of single board devices. Named the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B, the new model is characterized by a complete revamp of the main components, including the chipset, memory device and main interfaces. At the same time, improving the basic components did not change the cost of the new model. Like previous versions, the Pi 4 starts at $ 35.

Among all Raspberry models presented in more than three years since the project was launched, the new product has the highest performance. If you add functional accessories to the Raspberry Pi 4, a small device can replace a full-fledged desktop PC. In addition, full compatibility of the tiny platform with all programs created for previous versions of the minicomputer is promised.


Key Features of Pi 4

Creating the next Raspberry Pi computer, the developers did not change the original concept and kept the novelty in the sizes that are typical for the entire family of single-board mini devices. The main feature of the updated version of the Raspberry Pi is the quad-core BCM2711 chipset, which overclocks its power to 1.5 GHz, unlike its predecessor on the Pi 3 with a core frequency of 1.2-1.4 GHz.


The new miniature Raspberry PC has become available in different variations, presented in 1.2 and 4 GB RAM sizes. Thus, over the entire period of its existence on the market, users have a choice among several configurations of a single-board computer. The new Pi 4 has a pair of micro-HDMI connectors and can output 4K video at up to 60 frames per second on one of the ports, or at 30 frames per second for two simultaneously.

For communication with the outside world, the new model Raspberry computer received a pair of USB 3.0 ports in addition to two more USB 2.0 connectors. The Raspberry Pi 4 replaces the traditional micro-USB output with the USB-C solution. The computer is equipped with an Ethernet port, a 4-position audio output device that is combined with a video output. The Pi 4 supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless technologies, updated to version 5. The computer also includes a GPIO I / O solution that provides compatibility with other Raspberry Pi series platforms.

Optional accessories

Traditionally, the Raspberry Pi Foundation, the single-board computer manufacturer, usually gave resellers the right to provide their miniplatform with additional components. This has been the case until now, but this time the company decided to release branded components for its mini-PC itself, presenting a complete set. It includes a case, a board with 4 GB of RAM, a power supply, two HDMI cords, a USB keyboard and mouse, a 32 GB microSD flash card - in general, everything except the monitor.


The new Raspberry Pi 4 also supports installing Linux OS or other operating solution using a microSD card. The manufacturer promises that no problems are expected with the launch of various games and programs of previous years on the new Pi 4, and in general, the performance of the Pi 4 is no less than that of the entry-level x86 systems.

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