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TopON TOP-X72 Powerbank and its capabilities


Fans of outdoor activities, fishing, hunting have long learned that a mobile device cannot be recharged in the field. A smartphone, tablet or ultrabook can only get energy from an external battery. More power-hungry gadgets, such as a laptop, mini-fridge, quadrocopter, can really be charged only from the outlet. Automotive is often suitable for this.

With the advent of such a product as TopON TOP-X72, the situation has changed dramatically. Its 72000 mAh battery will benefit many devices.

A useful gadget everywhere

One of the important questions when choosing such a device is its power consumption. Powerbank TopON TOP-X72 has 266 kWh. Its efficiency is at least 92%. You can find out the actual capacity with simple calculations. It is about 66000 mAh.


This is quite enough for a laptop to work all day without problems. In addition, without fear of the remaining energy, you can safely charge a pair of smartphones and connect a wireless speaker to the device. Everyone will get energy.

It is worth saying that the capabilities of this powerbank will be enough to recharge more serious devices. These include a small portable refrigerator and vacuum cleaner. For these purposes, the battery is equipped with a 180 W socket. It is also possible to connect via an inverter.


The product is also useful for fans of suburban photo sessions or video filming. After all, cameras of cameras and camcorders sometimes also require recharging. TopON TOP-X72 can supply power for artificial lighting. Then filming will no longer depend on the time of day. To this can be added the exercise every half hour of charging the quadcopters. Not everyone has great autonomy. Truly, the scope of the powerbank is wide.

Additional features

TopON TOP-X72, in addition to the standard 12V socket, is equipped with three more output connectors. Two of them are USB Type-A, and one is made in the form of a cylinder. With its help, laptops are connected. There is a set of eight nozzles and a wire for this.


The powerbank case is equipped with a special voltage regulator, there are four positions: 12, 16, 19, 21 V. The load current is 3.5 A.

The characteristics of the USB outputs are standard. Voltage 5 V, amperage 2.1 or 2.4 A. It is suitable for tablets or smartphones of any model. If we go back to the “cigarette lighter” socket, then, with all known 12 V output, it has a current strength of 15 A.

Thus, all of the above gadgets can be powered by this powerbank, and several of them can be connected at the same time.

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Author: Jake Pinkman