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Should I leave my phone charger in the socket?


An electrical appliance or device that is plugged into an outlet but used incorrectly or not as intended may be hazardous. And the charger is no exception. A charger that does not charge a mobile device, but is simply plugged into a network, can turn badly for you and cause a fire.

Mobile device owners can often leave the charger plugged in without charging the phone. This article will talk about whether all of this is dangerous or harmful to your wallet.

Electricity Consumption

Some people believe that if the charger does not charge the phone, then it should not use electricity and, accordingly, there will be no need to overpay, but this statement is fundamentally wrong.

Electricity is consumed from unused charging, but in very small quantities, and even if you leave the charging on the network 24 hours a day, you will pay a couple of kopecks more per month.


The instructions for the mobile phone write that it is advisable to turn off the charger if you are using it for other purposes, but modern chargers are equipped with a built-in fire protection system, and there is nothing to catch fire, but still chargers are of poor quality .

Low quality chargers may heat up even when you simply charge your mobile device. It is better to turn off such chargers from the network, although they cannot catch fire, but the plastic on them will be able to melt.

What is the risk?

Power surges are the reason to unplug chargers.

For example, you can turn off the electricity, and then turn it on abruptly, the voltage in the sockets can jump. Such a jump can ruin your charging or even create a fire hazard. Also, the danger lies in summer thunderstorms, which during an impact can disable any electrical device, including your charger, but your charger can ignite from a lightning strike.

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Author: Jake Pinkman