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Tesla has created a useful device for smartphones


Tesla has become world famous for its electric vehicles, the performance of which is improving every year. At the same time, the company took a step in a slightly different direction and developed a proprietary gadget that can be appreciated by owners of various electronic devices.

Tesla has released its own charger based on Qi technology. The Tesla Wireless Charger provides a wireless method for recharging devices in a wide variety of categories - from smartphones to smartwatches. The manufacturer claims that the new product has full compatibility with devices running Android and iOS.

Device design

In the case of a portable battery, metal and glass elements are used, externally the device is presented in a white and dark solution. The new Tesla Wireless Charger is equipped with a 6000 mAh battery. For wireless use, the charging power is 5W. When used with a wired connection, the power reaches 7.5W. Additionally, the gadget has a USB connector. To restore the Tesla charger itself, a USB Type-C cable is included in the kit, and it cannot be disconnected.

Protection from everything

The developers say that the design is reliably protected from external troubles: temperature overheating, problems with voltage surges, possible short circuits - all factors that negatively affect not so much the charging itself, but the device that is connected to it. Tesla charging sales are expected to start soon, but so far only in the European and American markets. The approximate cost of the gadget is $ 65.

The Topic of Article: Tesla has created a useful device for smartphones.
Author: Jake Pinkman