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Unknown Safari keyboard shortcuts for Mac owners


Most Mac owners use the standard Safari browser. Although the program is perfectly optimized and built into the system, interaction with it can be accelerated several times.

These are hotkeys that make your work even easier.


Use simple keyboard shortcuts to speed up various operations with Safari tabs.

Next or Previous Tabs

When you open a site in the background tab, you can immediately view it and return. This operation will be helped by a combination of Shift + Command + < or Shift+Command+›.

To scroll the tabs in a circle, use the Control + Tab or Control + Shift + Tab commands.

Open Pinned Tab

To pin a tab, drag it to the left side of the program window. You can quickly return to the pinned tab with the Command + number command. Tabs are numbered from left to right.

Open new tab

Command + T will open a new tab with the cursor in the url.

Close active tab

You can instantly close a tab by pressing Command + W . It's much easier than hitting a miniature cross. Command + Q will completely close the browser.

Working with links and pages

On Mac, a three-button mouse simplifies these operations, but if you don't have one, you can use keyboard shortcuts.

Link in a new window

A regular mouse or touchpad will help you open a link by pressing Command + clicking on it. If you click on the link with the combination Command + Shift + Click , the browser will open a new tab and go to it.

Link and whole page by e-mail

Not very well known but useful, Command + I will create an email that will contain the entire open page, including text and images. The combination Command + Shift + I will help to send friends only a link to the page.

Skip forward and back

Replacing the buttons of the same name on the browser panel is possible with the combinations Command + [and Command +] .


The Option + v combination or the Space key will help you scroll down the page. You can move up using the combination Option + ^ or Shift + Space .


You can change the size of the text on the open page using the Command + + key and Command + - key . You can return the original value by the combination Command+0.

Go to the beginning or end of the page

The combination Command + ^ will help to get back up. An arrow pointing in the opposite direction will open the bottom of the page: Command + v .

Private Window

A new private window in the Safari browser is opened by Command + Shift + N . Private mode turns off visit statistics and activity tracking.


Many people get in the way or don't need it, but if you need to quickly open or close the panel, you should use the Command + Shift + L combination.

Jump to the address bar

The fastest way to do this is by pressing Command + L .

Smiley Menu

Additional characters for correspondence are opened by pressing Command + Ctrl + Space .

These combinations will significantly speed up and simplify the work with the Safar browser

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