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Who are STARS and why they want to kill them


Jill Valentine is an iconic video game character and also the protagonist of both the original Resident Evil 3 and the recently released remake. Throughout the game, a tyrant, codenamed Nemesis, is chasing her to kill. And all for the reason that Jill is a former member of STARS The members of the STARS squad have always been at the center of all the events of Resident Evil, today we decided to tell in detail about who the STARS are and why they want to kill them.

Creation of the Special Tactical and Rescue Service

Once upon a time, Raccoon City was notable only for the abundance of raccoons that lived in the vicinity, but after the pharmaceutical giant Umbrella corp. located its headquarters in the city, Raccoon City became larger and more attractive not only for ordinary people, but also for scammers. The crime rate and the number of accidents began to rise in the city [also a terrorist organization began to operate there in the future]. To control order, and as part of the Bright Raccoon 21 City Development Program, Mayor Michael Warren announced the creation of a special order control unit known as STARS, centered on the Raccoon City Police Station.


Umbrella, as the most influential structure and the largest employer in the city, supported this idea, partially financing it. She also lobbied for the unit's leadership position of the former army officer Albert Wesker, who secretly worked for Umbrella and was supposed to control the unit.

Instead of regular police officers, STARS preferred to recruit military veterans and specialists in various fields from hacking computers to disposing of chemicals. However, RCPD staff are welcome if they take the written exam. For example, the last member of the group was Rebecca Chambers, who received her bachelor's degree at 18, but did not have combat experience, but was hired as a medic.


Potential STARS members were usually hired with the help of a talent pool. For those who fit these parameters, the road was opened for passing the exam. Police Department Officer Kevin Ryman is known to have taken the test twice and failed.

STARS consisted of two teams - "Alpha" and "Bravo". Each was organized around the formation of a tactical team with five operators and a helicopter pilot. One team remained on duty for 24 hours before being replaced by another, allowing STARS to be active in an emergency. While neither team was superior to the other, alpha team captain Albert Wesker held the upper hand over Team Bravo captain Enrico Marini due to his proximity to Umbrella.

Due to special requirements, STARS had to carry out a wide range of tasks and investigations, from the destruction of chemical weapons and bombs, to the acquisition of digital data.


For two years of its existence, STARS have been effective in fighting city crime, investigating and preventing emergencies.

The Spencer Mansion Incident or Day X

In 1998, a strain of the T-virus was leaked in the secret laboratory of Arklay, which killed several people and eventually mutated. RCPD was unable to solve the murders, and after a couple of months the investigation was handed over to STARS

Albert Wesker has received instructions from Umbrella to begin planning an investigation into the incident in the laboratory and to stop a possible outbreak of the epidemic. A separate instruction was to eliminate all those involved in the investigation, including the STARS squad, throughout the entire operation.

Thus, the squad members were supposed to be a one-time cleaning agent for the incident, which was called Day-X.


On July 23, the Bravo team was sent to a part of the Arklay Mountains to the northwest of the city, where, according to their assumptions, the assassins could be based. There they made an emergency landing due to a helicopter engine failure. The team ended up at Spencer's mansion, where they encountered zombies, and also found a secret laboratory where Umbrella was developing a virus and conducting experiments on humans. During this time, the senior officer and helicopter pilot were killed and the Bravo was cut off and trapped. After several hours of silence, Alpha Squad began preparations for an operation to locate Bravo.

On July 24, Alpha members landed in the same area and were attacked by mutated dogs, which drove them into the mansion. By that time, most of the STARS Bravo was dead.

In the early morning of the 25th, the surviving STARS members infiltrated the underground laboratory, at which point they had amassed evidence that the deaths of local residents and STARS members were the result of a virus leak and its elimination. Umbrella not only knew about the risks, but planned to destroy the laboratory to hide its involvement, also killing anyone who knew about it. Wesker himself was a Umbrella employee previously assigned to the lab.

Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield ended up confronting Albert Wesker, who revealed his plans and announced that he was going to betray Umbrella and transfer the T-virus to a third party. He also released the tyrant T-002, but he was defeated and the laboratory itself was destroyed by the squad.


In the end, only five STARS members survived: Bertnon, Vickers, Valentine, Redfield and Chambers. Later they opened a case on Umbrella, but they, having bribed the chief of police, initiated the dissolution of the unit. They were replaced by SWAT Raccoon.

Former STARS members have allied with the FBI to conduct an independent investigation. Chris Redfield traveled to Europe to investigate Umbrella's activities there, pretending to be on vacation. In Raccoon City itself, only Vickers and Valentine remained. Burton traveled to Canada under the guise of vacation to evacuate his family, while Chambers presumably continued her education.


Tyrant Pursuit

Umbrella was outraged by the destruction of the T-002 STARS and their attempts to conduct their own investigation. During the T-Virus outbreak in Raccoon City, Umbrella sent her other two tyrants into the city. The first T-00 known as Mr. X was supposed to collect a sample of the T-virus from the Raccoon City police station and kill any remaining officers there.


The tyrant under the name of Nemesis was supposed to kill all the remaining STARS ships at this time, the photos of which were shown to him. By tracking and killing them, he would prove his ability to recognize targets. He was also equipped with a rocket launcher that would test his ability to use weapons.

However, since the only ones who ended up in Raccoon City were Jill and Vickers, Nemesis pursued them, and he started with Valentine. However, this is a different story, and the story of the STARS squad from Resident Evil has come to an end, although later it developed further in a different form.


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