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Insider # 1.10: iPhone 12; display of the new iPad; Voice Assistant in PlayStation


The first October Insider will cover the design nuances of the iPhone 12 and new displays for Apple products. We will also discuss the likelihood of equipping the PlayStation console with a voice assistant.

No bangs on iPhone 12

More recently, the American company has updated its lineup, but the network has already begun to discuss the iPhone of the future. The design of the devices currently on sale has not been significantly updated compared to the devices that went on sale in 2018.

As for the external data of gadgets in 2020, there are rumors that they will differ significantly from the current ones. One of the designers, Ben Geskin, even took charge and developed rough visual prototypes for the iPhone 12.


The image shows the "Pro" version of the iPhone 12. It is expected to feature a 5.4-inch display that is more compact than the 5.8-inch iPhone 11 Pro. The author believes that the designers of the American manufacturer in their promising developments will build on the appearance of the angular iPhone 4.

From all this, we can conclude that the future line of Apple smartphones will receive certain changes, even though they seem to be a slight throwback to the company's past.

The iPhone has remained largely unchanged for the past three years, so bringing a sense of novelty will benefit these gadgets.

You will notice that the front panel has no cutout. Rumors say that Yabloko is now testing another modification of the gadget, with a 6.7-inch display and a thin bezel. It is expected to have Face ID functionality and a TrueDepth sensor.


The back of the device is not much different from the iPhone 11 Pro Max. This means that the novelty will also receive a square triple block of the main camera. In addition, it is assumed that the device will be equipped with an unusual feature. Its logo on the lid will act as an indicator light for all kinds of activity.

There are not many changes expected in the stuffing of the model, but they are important. iPhone 12 features reverse wireless charging and 5th generation network access.

iPad will be equipped with revolutionary displays

Continuing from the previous news block, there is information that reveals the future of displays for iPad and iPhone. It is about using miniLED technology.

These screens are an alternative to OLED and LCD panels. Bloomberg reported last year that Yabloko is actively investing in their development. The main advantages of miniLED technology are that it provides better contrast, brightness and lower power consumption.

Earlier there was information that an American company had built a whole complex in California with the aim of mastering and researching this technology. In the future, displays of this type were supposed to equip all iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac.


The source claims that 300 engineers are currently working on this project in Santa Clara. According to him, they have already developed an acceptable version of the screen.

Renowned analyst Min-Chi Kuo recently announced that miniLED technology will only go into production at the end of 2020 or even in early 2021. It will become intermediate due to the complexity and high cost of manufacturing another technology - microLED. The difference between these two designs is that the microLED has a cell size of no more than 100 microns. In the first case, this parameter is larger.


The miniLED panels are now ready for mass production. They are only 20% more expensive to manufacture than a typical backlit LCD. Another significant difference with more modern panels is that they allow you to easily place various cuts and curves.

The iPhone is expected to be the last in the line of the company's devices. This should happen in 2021.

The display supply chain includes companies such as LG Display, Epistar, Zhen Ding, Radiant Opto-Electronics, Nichia, Avary Holding and TSMT.

Many manufacturers are now looking towards this technology, as well as Apple's main competitor - Samsung. It is understandable. MiniLED screens are brighter, more energy efficient and will not fade over time.

PlayStation wants to equip with voice assistant

There are a lot of gadgets on sale now, equipped with voice assistants. These include even some household appliances and televisions.

It is therefore understandable that Sony is striving to develop its own voice assistant for the PlayStation console.


Insider Daniel Ahmad recently discovered the company's patent, which he posted on his Twitter blog. Based on the information received, Sony is developing the PlayStation Assist voice assistant.

This is no ordinary assistant that informs the user about the weather or TV programs in other devices. In this case, the functionality is needed to help a person during the game process.

The patent says that the player can, in the event of some circumstances, turn to PlayStation Assist in any form (audio, text, video, etc.). The request will be matched against the modeled and server-based response options. The user will receive a direct response in the same context in which the request was made.

So far, this is just a patent and there are no guarantees that this functionality will become reality. The likelihood that Japanese developers will equip their future console with such a voice assistant is also quite high.

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