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Do you see the feature? And she is. 10 little things in games you might not have noticed


Often game developers put their heart and soul into the game, and these are not just nice words. Developers can get so confused about creating that they can create little things in games that you won't know about, but they are there. They don't affect the game in any way, but they are. They were created because attention to detail is the main indicator of the creator's love for his product. Here are 10 trivia games you might not know about.

Shabbat at Marvel's Spider Man

Those who watched The Big Lebowski probably remember such a phrase as "Observe the f *** ing Shabbat!" And the developers from Insomniac Games just respect and respect it, or rather their NPCs do it. This can be called a kind of Easter egg, which was found long after the game was released. But as for me, it's still an interesting little thing that someone messed with, and it's hard to notice.


The game is set in a multinational New York, among the population of which there are many Jews, they can be recognized by their kippah. The holy book of the Jews, the Torah, establishes a rule that the seventh day of the week, and for the Jews it is Saturday, is the day of rest, called Shabbat. And he is in Marvel's Spider Man, as it turned out, when Saturday comes inside the game, all the Jewish NPCs disappear from the street, and as the developers themselves say, they rest at home from work.

Horse Testicles in Red Dead

Redemption 2RDR 2 is a very detailed game. You can spend hours listing all the little things that at first glance you will not see, but they are there. Starting from the ability to spin the drum of a revolver with your fingers, ending with the fact that you will be refused service in stores if you look like a dirty unwashed bum in bloody clothes. Rockstar has done an amazing job and beyond praise.


However, as for me, the most amazing detail, or the most absurd - decide for yourself, is that your horse's testicles react to temperature. And if you cross the northern region where it is cold, they will shrink ... And yes, this is not a joke. Bravo.

Shenmue Weather

Shenmue in 1997 was detailed, even before it was mainstream. Its creator Yu Suzuki approached game design with the idea that you should trust the world around you in the game, and for this very reason, it should be detailed to the smallest detail. For me, the weather stands out from the whole bunch of details that the development team has added to the game.


The game takes place in the 80s and Yu Suzuki created the weather based on real meteorological data, and recreated on each game day exactly the weather that was actually in that region of Japan. All for immersion.

Musicians in Lego Star Wars


Even though Lego Star Wars is aimed at children, it also has a small detail for attentive players. You can turn off the music in the game in the game settings. In the iconic bar on Tatooine where Luke meets Han Solo, there is the Cantina Band playing local jazz [jazz, I might be wrong, but it looks like]. And if you have the music function turned off, they will just stand on stage and rest. Conversely, if you turn it on, they'll start playing.

The Decanter in the Painting in Dishonored


Dishonored also boasts a lot of little things. My favorite, for example, is the opportunity to sign the guest magazine at Lady Boyle's reception. However, there is a more interesting detail in the game. When you just sail to the Empress at the beginning of the game, then pass Thaddeus Campbell, who is captured in the picture. There is a small decanter on the table beside it, and if you remove it, the artist will not draw it. And you will understand this when you accidentally find a picture further along the plot. But if you don't touch the decanter, it will be on the canvas.

Salt strips in The Witcher 3


In the storyline of the Bloody Bourne, before burying Igosha, Geralt tells the Baron to order everyone in his city to stay at home, lock the doors and pour a strip of salt in front of the entrance. And when you accompany the Baron during the Baron's quest, you can notice that there are indeed strips of salt scattered in front of all the doors of the houses. Poles have always been able to surprise us.

Bug in Resident Evil 2

In Resident Evil 2, Leon arrives at Raccoon City Police Station a day late, which is why he was able not to die when the T-Virus outbreak broke out on the day of his original arrival. However, new colleagues were waiting for him, and even hanged a salute Wellcome Leon, but they made a mistake and wrote the word Welcome with two L. Whether the Japanese original developer just made a mistake or it was done on purpose - it is not clear.


However, Resident Evil 2 Remake moved this poster and saved the error. However, you cannot notice the second letter at first glance, it will not be on the inscription itself, but lie on the table under it.


Lack of clothing in Breath of The Wild

Breath of The Wild is also a very detailed game. Not surprisingly, this was one of the first exclusives on the Nintendo Switch and should have been great. Thanks to this, there were such trifles as the fact that at the foot of the volcano you can throw meat on the ground and it will begin to fry.

But one of my favorite little things: if you take off your shoes and run towards the chest with loot, Link will hit his toes against him and he will be hurt. Also, if he hits the ground with his fist without gloves, he will also grimace in pain.

Prey and toilet seat

In Prey, you can choose the gender for your character, and depending on this, an important change will occur: the toilet seat will either be raised or lowered ... And this is probably the only thing that affects the gender choice in Prey.

Claire's clean body


When you play Claire in Resident Evil 2 Remake, her face and neck will soon be dirty. However, when she takes off her jacket and gives to Sherry, her shoulders and arms will be clean. But soon, they will also be covered with mud.

Half Life Burnt Lunch


In the first Half Life, even before the creatures from the Zen dimension made their way into the world, you can safely walk around the laboratory. There you will find a scientist heating up his lunch. You can press the keys on the microwave and your lunch will burn. In Half Life 2, you will meet this very scientist again, and he will remember how you ruined his food that day and will joke about it.

There are hundreds of similar details in games, we just selected our favorites.

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