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The best Easter eggs in Marvel's Spider Man


It's been a week since the release of Marvel's Spider Man, which gamers have dubbed the best superhero game since the Arkham series.

If you've played it yourself or read the reviews, then you know that it is rich in details and a large number of Easter eggs. Among a huge variety of them, we have selected for you the most interesting ones that were found by gamers during this time.

Developer Studio


It's worth mentioning right away that the game has a bunch of interesting places that you can photograph, and get Peter's comment for this, which will gradually reveal the lore of the game or expand it. So, for example, if we take pictures of the Avengers Tower, we find out that they rarely appear in New York, and in general they are now on the west coast.

However, there is one place that is not marked on the map, but at the same time is an easter egg - this is Insomniac Games studio. Even more, in crime reports around the area, the phrase “near Insomniac” can be heard on the police radio. Despite the fact that the studio itself is in California, it's cool that they added such a detail.

Unique places - everywhere


Among the unique items on the street, you can find the Daredevil's business card, and following the address written on it, you will find the law office "Nelson and Murdock" itself, which is an unmarked location. As already mentioned, there are many similar places. Hell's Kitchen is rich in them, which has enough references to the Marvel Universe: Josie's Bar, Jessica Jones's Alias agency. Also in other parts of the city you can find the Daily Bugle, Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum, the Wakandan Embassy, the aforementioned Avengers Tower, and their secret headquarters. Search and search ...


Great strength and great ... you know


Sometimes we lack really high quality references in games that are simple but meaningful. This is exactly what is located in the northwestern point of Manhattan in the Harlem area. There is a church with a large cemetery, and it is on this that Uncle Benn's grave awaits you. There is nothing to add here.

Hi, Peter, it's your cousin! Do you wanna see big american tities?

In the side quests in the middle of the game, you need to find people who are blackmailing one girl's boyfriend and making him commit illegal actions. You run around the city photographing suspects until you hit the wall of an apartment with two people. One of them addresses the other, calling him Roman, and if you have subtitles turned on, then you see that the second speaker's name is Niko. Of course, this is all a big reference to GTA 4.

Hoping to connect hearts


During the development of the game, one big spider fan tweeted Insomniac Games to add an offer to his girlfriend to marry him. The developers, believing in the sincerity of his words, responded to this, and as a result, in the game at one of the cinemas the inscription “Maddie, will you marry my?” Flaunts.


Unfortunately, at the time of finding the Easter egg, the user reported that the girl left him and found someone else (more precisely, the hero's brother). To the developers' proposal to remove the inscription, he replied that it was not necessary to do this, and let her help someone else tell about her feelings. This is actually a very sad story.

Those stupid memes

I would also like to highlight that the developers have added music to the game that sounds during the delivery of pizza in the game Spider-man 2, which at one time became a meme. You can hear it in one pizzeria in little Italy. If you are a longtime fan of the game, this music will be a balm for your soul.

Well-deserved thanks

In the building where Peter works, we can find a wall completely covered with photos of the best volunteers of the week, and it's easy to guess that they are all game developers.

A dog instead of a bull


Wall Street Bull is a symbol of the business center of this city, but it is not in the game about Spiderman. If we go to this place, then instead of the bull, we will find there the next easter egg, namely the statue of Lockjaw, a large bulldog from the Marvel comic "Inhumans".

These were, in our opinion, the most interesting Easter eggs from the new game about Spider-Man. However, only a week has passed, and the game is too big to say that these are all the most interesting Easter eggs that it has.

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Author: Jake Pinkman