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Secret items and first live NPC found in Fallout 76


Fallout 76's post-apocalyptic wasteland holds many secrets. And we are talking not only about unexpected bugs or Easter eggs left by the developers, but also about such secrets that in an amicable way should not have been found by the players. At least, Bethesda hoped for a similar outcome, forgetting to remove the so-called developer room from the game, which allows you to access any game item and find the only human NPC in the game.

The developers' room is a kind of testing ground, where game creators test game mechanics and store all game objects, including even those that were not used in the gameplay. A similar room could be found in Bethesda's previous project, Fallout 4, so it's no surprise that gamers began looking with impressive zeal for a secret room in Fallout 76.

Success was not long in coming, and now, finally, the developers' room appeared before the players and revealed several interesting secrets. To begin with, it's worth mentioning the first non-playable human character in Fallout 76. He bears the name "WOOBY", endowed with the simplest intellect and can only serve as a punching bag. Even more interesting is the ability to get access to absolutely any game items in the room, including even those that cannot be found in Fallout 76. After finding them on game forums, it was believed that Bethesda had prepared items for future, unannounced DLC.

This assumption is indirectly confirmed by the bans, which are generously distributed to all users who dared to look into the secret room. Gamers talk about this on the Reddit forum. According to them, the developers are blocking the players' account and are sending messages to their inbox asking how they managed to gain access to the developer room.

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