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Ingenious secrets and tricks of game developers


Video game development is an art, and not least the art of deception. The developers go to a lot of strange and even absurd solutions to make the games work properly and, most importantly, to bring the gamer pleasure while playing. In today's video, we offer a detailed look into the game dev kitchen and tell you about 10 secrets of game developers that are as strange as they are ingenious.

Most of the developers' secret tricks are aimed at simplifying the gameplay. Moreover, they are made specially imperceptibly for the player so that he can feel like a real hero and be delighted with his own skill. In fact, in almost every game you have cheats that are invisible at first glance. Whether this is legal is a separate question, but it's hard to argue that they actually make games more fun.

Other secrets hide from the eyes of the player problems of game graphics or just epic laziness of game developers. After all, why try if no one will see the hidden "pitfalls" anyway? But sooner or later, everything secret becomes clear, as you can see in the new video of Alice.

Separately, it is worth recalling the case when the game developers' trick became the main distinguishing feature of the series with a multi-million army of fans. This is the first part of Silent Hill, in which the developers, due to the technical weakness of the first Playstation, could not implement the open world at the proper level. The solution to the problem was ingenious: the developers from Konami used an impenetrable fog to hide flaws and thereby endowed the game with a unique feature that invariably migrates to every new release of the series.

Also, as a bonus, let's remember another secret of the games, which best confirms the coolness of the main character from Serious Sam. Since Sam almost every second has to deal with a dozen adversaries, the developers made concessions to the player and forced each bullet of Sam to increase to one meter in diameter. After such discoveries, one can only sympathize with the next offspring of Hell, who will meet Serious Sam on the way.

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Author: Jake Pinkman