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The worst moments in E3 history


E3 is a conference that is broadcasted to the whole world. Companies that invest millions in their press conferences expect their show to be the coolest and most entertaining, and will ever make it into the history of gaming. However, as the well-known proverb says, "we wanted the best, but it turned out as always." No one is safe from the fact that the conference can turn into a circus with three rings, and will be remembered as the worst moment since E3. We have already recalled the best moments from this conference, it's time to talk about the most stupid moments in the history of E3.

One minute please [E3 2013]

Nobody is insured against technical problems. However, when the equipment breaks down completely and does not start, then a little awkwardness becomes an elephant in a china shop, and strains others. This is exactly what happened with DICE at the Battlefield 4 launch.

At the moment when a demo of a new battle was supposed to appear on the big screen, nothing happened. "Oh wait one minute, we'll fix it now." And so it was repeated three more times. The presenter tried to laugh it off, but over and over again it became somehow uncomfortable. The audience was no longer hoping to see the game, but for the fifth time DICE managed to cope with technical problems.

Ubisoft hopes to create a memes [E3 2015]

The next big file with E3 happened with the French. Aisha Tyler was the host of the conference. She did an excellent job with her duties, but sometimes she could be brought to the wrong steppe. This is what happened when she decided to go to the hall and talk to the audience. She sat down with the guy who cosplayed Jacob Fry from AC Syndicate. Aisha sat down to him and said: “Dude, you know, you generally look like a living full-size meme. Let's try to come up with a meme with you? " Nobody laughed ... and the guy was confused and did not know what to answer her.

As a result, the Spanish shame was experienced by all people present in the hall.

Kinect Announcement [E3 2010]

The Kinect announcement is one of the most disastrous moments at E3. The company tried to convey to us that this is a revolutionary device that will completely change gaming. They just did it as stupidly and emotionlessly as possible. The presenter talked about the device as if he was scrolling in his head: “God, what the hell am I talking about.”

Also, the exhausted and irritated journalists were hardly happy with the fact that children were dragged to the demonstration, who clumsily tried to flirt with animals, which annoyed them even more. It was funnier to look at stupid projects about yoga and going down the river, which were supposed to make a revolution. Well, where is Kinekt and his revolution now?

PlayStation 3 Announcement [E3 2006]

If the announcement of the price for the first PS is considered one of the best moments of E3, then apparently for the balance sheet Sony decided to disgrace themselves in 2006. We are sure that Kazuo Hirai still wakes up in a cold sweat remembering the moment when he opened the PlayStation 3 to the world. Not only was not a single gameplay video shown to demonstrate the console's abilities, but Kazuo also stumbled and said the phrase that has already become a meme “ It's Ridge Racer! Riiiiiidge Racer! "

Do not forget that when we were told about Genji: Days of the Blade and the super realistic historical battles in which we will participate, literally after that, a hefty crab appeared on the screen, exceeding the size of a person. And they finished us off, of course, for a console price of $ 599.

James Kennedy at Activision Presentation [E3 2007]

To warm up the mood of the people, Activision invited the famous American comedian James Kennedy to their presentation to talk about their projects and make fun of them. However, this turned into a major fiasco. Firstly, Kennedy himself looked like a dude who hadn't slept for three days and kept himself only on the magic of coffee. Secondly, he seems to have forgotten that he is a comedian, because his jokes that day were as unfunny as possible, and even more, offended many people. Well, and thirdly, he completely forgot that he was invited to conduct a press conference, and not to thank those few people who laugh at his bawdy humor.

Wii Music Presentation [E3 2008]

Nintendo's goal was to sell people a game in which they could only make music with their controllers.

They decided to demonstrate their abilities by playing a theme from Super Mario Bros. From the outside it looked like the toastmaster at the wedding decided to force drunk people to do shameful things in front of sober relatives. It was as ridiculous as possible, especially when professional drummer DJ Revi Drams with a silly face beat invisible drums with control panels.

We forgot Wii Music like a bad dream, but the presentation of this device is still surfing the Internet.

Ubisoft and Mr. Caffeine [E3 2011]

Mister Caffeine is the stage name of TV host Aaron Priceman. More precisely, so he was nicknamed by the people for the fact that he behaved on stage, as if he had injected himself with caffeine intravenously. He tried to joke a lot and joked unsuccessfully, for example hoping to find a connection between Ghost Recon and a member. Second by second his career simply burned out, and Aaron continued to spoil the impression of the projects presented at the exhibition.

Dancing Panda [E3 2018]

By the number of stupid moments at E3, few can compare with Ubisoft. Last year, they decided to show their love for Just Dance and unleashed an entire orchestra, led by a hyperactive panda who couldn't stop dancing. Worse when she decided to go to the audience to interact with the audience. I think it was then that people realized that they shouldn't have come to this damn conference at all.


"Like, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order" [E3 2018]

The most awkward moment of last year's E3 was the announcement of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Respawn Entertainment's Vince Zampele was simply approached by the host and asked if they were making a game for an hour, and he took the title: "Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order". And, as it were, the announcement, but somehow strange. It was clearly not planned until this year, when we finally saw the trailer for the game itself.


Wonderbook [E3 2012]

And closes our list of the worst moments of Sony's E3 Wonderbook. “Fire escape here and here,” presenter Day Renyard jokingly said before the presentation, who knew exactly about the problems of their device, which the public had not yet realized. This "something" was a book for augmented reality. A game based on the Harry Potter universe was chosen as the screening, you could magically interact with that book using the PS Move controller, which turned into a magic wand on the screen. The girl who played during the presentation conjured, conjured, but did not conjure and nothing happened ....

It's a miracle that the book went into oblivion.

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Author: Jake Pinkman