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Opinion: Why Battlefield V Trailer Is Horrible and Gets Huge Dislikes on YouTube


The gaming industry exploded after the official launch of Battlefield V and split into two camps. Some gamers enthusiastically accepted the new trailer in the style of Inglourious Basterds, and the other half of the players wonder what it was: women with prostheses, million explosions per second, African Americans with katanas ... Just two questions: what does this all have to do with the setting of World War II wars and generally to the Battlefield series? Black PR is also PR, but clearly not such a presentation was expected from Battlefield V, which is proved by the record number of dislikes under the video.

After the presentation of the game, fans of the previous parts of the series even began to refuse to buy after the Battlefield V trailer and spam on social networks with a new hashtag - #NotMyBattlefield. Why is the new trailer for the hotly anticipated shooter so terrible? Well, I will try to explain from my point of view, from the side of a fan of DICE shooters.

The first thing that catches your eye and for which Electronic Arts immediately wants to launch a few kilos of rotten tomatoes is a completely pre-rendered trailer. You don't need to be an expert to understand: we were shown a staged trailer, which has a mediocre relationship to real gameplay. Okay, this could be treated a little more coolly, if the developers did not mockingly stick the interface to the video.


It seems as if Electronic Arts keeps players for small children and nothing has changed since 2005, when Sony pompously showed the "gameplay" of Killzone 2, which has little in common with a real game. Even Activision during the broadcast of Black Ops 4 did not allow themselves such a bawdy attitude towards the players and demonstrated real gameplay. Years go by, but the mistakes are still the same.

Another gripe with the Battlefield 5 trailer is a general, deliberately Hollywood production with minimal meaning. In just two minutes, we see how a quartet of characters can easily deal with dozens of armed soldiers, throw grenades, then shoot them down, knocking down a fighter, and many other, certainly realistic moments. It seems that we are watching a video of the next part of Call of Duty, and not a video on Battlefield, which has always been with a claim to be realistic. Here we can recall only one advanced ballistic model of bullet movement.


Of course, in the Battlefield series there has always been an opportunity to jump from an airplane, then in flight with an aimed sniper shot to kill the pilot of another plane and on the fly get into the released lethal device. But in terms of the "wow moments" in the Battlefield 5 trailer, they definitely went too far, which creates the feeling of a booth.

By the way, about "booth" - this is the word that best describes the trailer. And here we are not talking about the production of the video, but about the characters. Black soldiers with katana, ubiquitous make-up on the faces of action films and a woman with a prosthetic arm ... Wait, this is definitely not a trailer for the new Quentin Tarantino movie or another battle royale game? I will not argue that black soldiers, maybe even black soldiers with a katana and women with prostheses, could fight on the front lines. But these are so isolated cases that it is absurd to focus on them in the video.


It is clear that in this way in the Battlefield 5 trailer they tried to show the variability of character customization. But it is served so grotesquely that it can naturally cause hatred among people. For those gamers who are in awe of the exploits of their ancestors in World War II and cannot bear the transformation of the worst war in human history into a caricatured farce.

Here we can only believe that DICE will take the criticism into account and add the ability to disable funny character skins, as did in its World of Tanks.


To summarize, I want to say that even after the terrible and incredibly disgusting trailer for Battlefield 5, I have no strong desire to boycott the developers and fill up social networks with the hashtag #NotMyBattlefield. Judging by the first details of the game, we are expected to abandon the overly arcade Battlefield 1 and return to the origins of the more or less realistic Battlefield 3. Yes, and DICE are real masters in their field and have not let their fans down in any part of the popular multiplayer shooter. p>

I hope that fans of large-scale multiplayer battles of Battlefield 5 will not disappoint, and the trailer was just an unsuccessful marketing move by Electronic Arts. And to kill the aftertaste from the trailer, I recommend paying attention to the top 10 best shooters in history, which has a place for one of the parts of Battlefield.

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Author: Jake Pinkman