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5 Worst Moments of E3 2018


As impressive as E3 2018 was, even in this barrel of honey there was room for a hefty fly in the ointment. You can't look at some conferences without tears, and sometimes the presenters at E3 did such things that it's even strange how these people have not yet been sued for bullying viewers on the air. In general, we present you with a selection of the worst moments of E3 2018, but we just warn you that we do not recommend reading this article to nursing mothers, children and gamers with a weak heart.

Entire Electronic Arts Conference at E3 2018

Game publisher EA can be reproached in many ways, but it is worth giving credit, they are truly, amazing and endlessly talented in the same path. Electronic Arts knows like no one else how to piss off a gamer and turn even the most loyal fans away from the company. Almost the entire conference consisted of continuous disappointments, causing only negative feedback from gamers.

Only the demonstration of Anthem and Battlefield V multiplayer can be called small white spots at the conference, but all positive impressions were erased against the background of the announcement of Command and Conquer Rivals. More time was spent on the gameplay of a cheap mobile handicraft from the once great RTS series than any other game in the conference. And the final nail in the coffin of EA Play was the announcement of a new large-scale game in the Star Wars universe, which was accompanied by only a few artworks, without any teaser.

The Elder Scrolls VI Announcement - CGI Trailer and No Release Date

Paradoxically, the announcement of the new part of The Elder Scrolls can be called simultaneously one of the best and worst moments of the exhibition. Yes, no doubt we have learned that a new game in the legendary series is still being developed. But, on the other hand, did anyone have any doubts about this? The Elder Scrolls V has become the best-selling RPG in history, so it is clear that Bethesda will not say goodbye to this series, which churns out gold bars for developers.

An additional disappointment was the news that Todd Howard & Co. had just started developing the game, and the teaser shown does not reflect the quality of the final graphics. This is not even game graphics, but just a staged CGI video. And, of course, you can't even stutter about the estimated release date of The Elder Scrolls, especially considering that the company still has Starfield in development.

Waiting for a round of applause at Bethesda

Rage 2 has become one of the main games of the publisher Bethesda Softworks and it would be much better if the developers limited themselves only to the gameplay demonstration of the new post-apocalyptic shooter. But no, you must first tell about the game, charge the audience with enthusiasm before the video.

For these purposes, an employee of Avalanche Studios entered the stage, who after each of his phrases looked inquiringly at the audience and waited for applause, after which he inserted a small remark and fell silent to hear the audience's delight again. This episode looks so embarrassing that it was physically painful to watch the conference. Please, Bethesda, don't do that again, never.

Sony E3 2018 Conference & Room Transition

In an attempt to diversify conferences, how many tricks do game companies come to. This time, Sony excelled by forcing viewers to move through several halls to watch the new game. Of course, if you watch the ready-made trailers after the live broadcast, then any unpleasant feelings are difficult to experience. But judging by the comments of journalists who attended the Sony conference, they did not like this kind of creativity.

Nintendo Direct E3 2018 Conference & Minimum New Games

Nintendo had every chance to end E3 2018 on a high note and easily take away the title of the best conference from Microsoft, but it did not work out. Most gamers after Nintendo Direct were bewildered, asking themselves the question "What was that?" Even more, after the conference, Nintendo shares immediately fell by a record 7 percent.

What is the reason for this fiasco? Apparently, the Japanese company devoted almost half of the entire conference to the game Super Smash Bros Ultimate, almost completely forgetting about Pokemon Lets Go Super and Super Mario Party. In addition, Nintendo fans were disappointed by the lack of a presentation of the new Metroid, and the Japanese did not offer any games at all to the adult audience. The same Bayonetta 3 remained classified as "secret".

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