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The most memorable moments from E3 history


E3 has been around since 1995. And although in general the conference today is aimed more at the press than at gamers, every time on its stage memorable things happen that become part of the gaming culture. We have collected the most memorable moments from the history of E3.

You are all amazing! [Е3 2019]

And we'll start with the event of this year, because it served as a lead to the material. Chances are you already know about this, but still. At the presentation of the new Cyberpunk 2077 trailer from CD Project Red, the whole world went crazy when he saw Keanu Reeves in it as Joni Silverhand. Even more people went crazy when Keanu himself appeared on stage to talk about the game. He said wandering the streets of the in-game world was delightful. And then one of the spectators shouted to him "You are amazing!" The actor reacted quickly to this and replied, “No, you are amazing! You are all amazing! ”.

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Shigero Miyamoto as Link [E3 2004]

For quite some time now, fans of The Legend Of Zelda series have been asking Nintendo to release a realistic game based on the franchise. In 2004, the fans' desire was heard, and from the E3 stage in 2004, the big N announced The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

However, the presentation was remembered by the fact that Shigero Miyamoto entered the stage with Link's shield and sword, and began waving it while the speakers recreated the sounds of the weapon swing. The people liked it.

Announcing Portal 2 on PS3 [E3 2010]

In the old days, when Valv still released good games, there was a resonance. Gabe Newell was known for openly admitting his hatred of consoles.

So it was a big surprise for everyone when Mr. Newell appeared on the E3 stage at the PlayStation press conference, and with a huge amount of self-irony announced that they would release Portal 2 on PS3. More, he said that this will be the best of all versions of the game! He also thanked Sony for the hospitality and that they "did not hit him in the face." We still don't know if a Sony representative was holding Gabin at gunpoint at that time, but it was cool.

PS1 price announcement [E3 1995]

As you probably know from our material about the evolution of PS, the main war between consoles was once between Sega and Nintendo. In 1995 Sony broke into the market with their console, but the price remained rather vague.

Then at E3 1995, the company made, probably, one of the most boring presentations in history, and no one even expected something cool. It is important to clarify that Sega spoke to them, announcing that their console will be priced at $ 399. And then Sony President Steve Reis is invited to the stage to discuss the price of their new console. Reis slowly steps onto the stage with a serious face and says only one word "299" and leaves. At this time, the audience is already applauding him.

Final Fantasy 7 [E3 2015] Remake

The seventh part of the ending is the fan favorite game. So when the remake was announced in 2015, fans were excited and jubilant.

The remake trailer kept the intrigue up to the very last frames. At this time, the audience saw the cuts of incomprehensible frames and wondered what it was. With each new second, people more and more understand that this is exactly what they think and the crowd is slowly approaching the explosion. When Buster Sword appears in the frame, everyone cheers and strangers hug each other. It's funny that we were told the release date only after 4 years at this E3 2019.

Xbox One Backward Compatibility [E3 2015]

Microsoft lost the console battle this time around, but in 2015 they did perhaps one of the most important things that saved the console from a complete failure - announced backward compatibility.

I don’t know how they did it so well, but since then you have been able to play games that were released on the Xbox 360 in 4K since then.

Yoko Taro with the head of the moon [E3 2015]

This is one of the most memorable moments since E3 2015. During the announcement of the sequel to the well-known but rather niche game Nier Automata, project manager Yoko Taro came to the press conference wearing a huge mask of the Moon - the mascot of the entire series. It was as delightful as it was strange.


Firstly, many people who were not familiar with the series did not understand at all what kind of performance it was, and those who understood the reference and wrote for joy still understood little, because because of the mask, jamming words, no one could make out what the director of the project was saying. It was all incredibly weird, but fun.

My name is Reggie and we'll kick ass [E3 2004]

As if there was little company at the then E3 of Miyamoto's sword-wielding antics, then she presented the public with a fresh face, the new president of Nintendo Of America, Reggie Phil Ames.

He took the stage, introduced himself and said that he came into the industry to "kick ass and make cool games!" Strong statement. However, Reggie is really remembered by all of us as the best head of the American branch of the company who was able to bring it back into operation.

Announcement of GTA 4 with a tattoo [E3 2006]

In 2006, Sony didn't make people very happy with the price of their third console at $ 599, demonstrating its abilities with the example of a high-poly rubber duck. After that, at the Xbox presentation, Peter Moore did not hesitate to remember this. He took off his jacket and showed the tattoo, saying he didn't want to stop at just one.

"Therefore, while some guys are having fun with ducks, others are getting tattoos!" He lifted the sleeve of his shirt on his other arm, where the inscription Grand Theft Auto IV flaunted. It was then that the army of GTA fans went over to the side of the Xbox fans.

Konami at E3 2010

The Konami conference was remembered by the audience for its funny absurdity, and a real triumph of digging. They were able to announce a huge number of good games in two hours: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Castlevaina RPG, Silent Hill Downpour, etc.

However, the highlight was the presentation itself, to which the developers were released without any preparation. Tako Fuji communicated with the audience as if he was under acid, people with severed heads, wrestlers appeared on the stage, and they also did not forget to dance. However, it was as stubborn as it was wonderful.

Sequel to The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild [E3 2019]

From the last E3, we can conclude that the fans of The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wilde are so in love with this series that for them the announcement of the second part turned out to be just a phenomenal event. Consider it akin to what we saw when the Final Fantasy 7 Remake was announced in 2015. People rejoiced, hugged each other, poured drinks on each other, and even the ground under them shook. I think Half Life 3 fans will have a similar reaction when it is announced.


As the saying goes, there is no good without a silver lining, so soon we will look at the worst moments from the history of E3.

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Author: Jake Pinkman