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Why Google Assistant is good for Nokia smartphones


Many great businessmen and politicians cannot do anything without their talented assistants. Here you can recall the cinematic character Tony Stark, whose activities were strongly dependent, first on one assistant, and then on another. Something similar can be projected onto the world of electronic devices. The presence of artificial intelligence in some mobile devices allows not only improving, but also significantly expanding their capabilities. Here's how the Google Assistant makes life easier for Nokia smartphones.


Round-the-clock access to the Internet and the search for the information you need in it greatly simplifies our life. But sometimes everything gets boring and there is a desire not to poke a finger at the display, but simply to get the necessary data by asking a question with a voice.

It is not always possible to quickly formulate and write what you want. In such cases, it is easier to ask about something, for example, the name of the song you like on the track. Especially if you managed to remember one or two lines from it.

There may be other reasons for going to the internet. It is for this purpose that the "Google Assistant" was created. It is gratifying that you only need to press one button to activate it. There is no need to go to a search engine and dreary to type letters and phrases in the request.

However, these are not all the opportunities provided by the assistant from the most powerful tech giant in the world. If you hold down the Home button on the smartphone and hold it for some time, content will appear on the screen, which will be searchable.


There is also Google Lens functionality that allows you to instantly translate any documents and signs. You just need to have all the necessary certificates. Nokia smartphones have no problems with this. They have been friends with Google for a long time and fruitfully.

Good helper

Everyone wants to be considered necessary, effective and useful. To do this, we are not even averse to sometimes command. It's good to give orders, but where can you find so many performers for everyone who wants to lead?

Anyone can afford to have an electronic assistant. Google Assistant can execute a lot of commands: set an alarm at the required time, prepare a reminder, and add details of the required meeting to the work schedule.

Skeptics might argue here, pointing out that this doesn't require an assistant.

They are very wrong. In our hectic times, some people forget to go to the toilet on time, not to mention the less necessary things. This assistant will be indispensable for those who take medications on schedule. He will not only tell you the exact time of taking the pills, but also recall the name and even the dosage.

Another advantage of using this functionality is the way it is activated. Suffice it to say: "Ok Google" and the program is ready to go.


But there are nuances here. For the Google Assistant to work properly, the smartphone must have a normal processor. Not all of them are able to recognize a voice in the background when the screen is off.

Messages and entertainment

Modern smartphones are packed with features. Sometimes users even forget that their main purpose is to provide mobile communications and messaging. It is better if you do not have to use text mode for this: it may happen that your hands are busy at the right time.

Here again "Google Assistant" will help out, which will allow, without interrupting important matters, to make the desired call or send a message.


This functionality will also help a person in moments of conscious loneliness. He can read poetry, and tell about the weather, and find the desired music track. Those who track the games of their favorite hockey or football team can easily find out the statistics of their latest games or even find the one they need and watch it online and in the recording.

Already now the English-language version of "Google Assistant" can buy movie tickets. The Russified assistant has not yet been trained in this, but soon it will do it too.


The main source of information for a person in the world around him is his sense organs. If he wants to know the information about the weather outside, then it will be enough to look out the window or open it. The organs of sight and touch will do their job.

It is more difficult to get information about traffic jams, for example, on Leningradsky or Kutuzovsky avenues in Moscow. Especially if you are on the other side of the city.

Also, with the help of the "Google Assistant" you can check the opening hours of the desired store or find out the way to new buildings, where relatives or friends are tired of waiting.

It's a pleasure to plan something with it. Especially if one of the 2019 Nokia smartphones is used for this. Most models are equipped with a dedicated button for quick access.


It is possible to list for a long time the possibilities and abilities of the smart voice assistant from Google. They are practically limitless (within reasonable limits), their number only increases with the advent of each new firmware.

It is also worth noting that almost all smartphones are equipped with voice assistants. But not everyone has this program fully reveals all the nuances and advantages of their work. Nokia is one of the leaders here.

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Author: Jake Pinkman