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Review of the Nokia 2720 Flip clamshell


Many experts believe that push-button phones may make a comeback. After all, all evolutionary processes are carried out in a spiral. In the meantime, for those who temporarily want to get rid of smartphone addiction and remember the past, there is a good option. This is the Nokia 2720 Flip, made in the form of a clamshell.

It is simple to the core. After familiarizing yourself with such a device, you can understand how far technology has advanced over the past fifteen years.


The cost of the device is about 6,000 rubles. For this money, it is possible to buy a more modern budget smartphone, such as Moto G6 or Redmi 8. These are products with displays that occupy the entire front panel. They also have two cameras and a lot of other interesting "things".

Compared to their background, Nokia 2720 Flip looks expensive, but noticeable. There are few such devices now. Plus, he has everything he can to please the older generation. This is a fairly large screen, large buttons that allow you to quickly dial the desired number or select it from memory.

There is no extra functionality that is not needed by an elderly person. This is a big plus of such a device.

Appearance and characteristics

The Nokia 2720 Flip smartphone is made of plastic, which cannot be classified as expensive. The presence of asymmetry between the halves (upper and lower), which is especially noticeable when the device is in a closed state, will certainly not add to its popularity.


Also worth noting is the not very good location of the 2MP camera with LED, which is easy to accidentally close with your hand immediately after taking the device.

The undoubted advantage of the Nokia 2720 Flip is the presence of an additional 1.3-inch screen with a resolution of 240 ? 240 pixels with a density of 261 ppi. The main QVGA display measures 2.8 inches diagonally.

The “heart” of the smartphone is the Snapdragon 205 processor with 512GB of RAM and 4GB of internal memory. KaiOS is used as the operating system.

In addition, the device is equipped with Dual SIM, FM radio. There is Wi-Fi: 802.11 b / g / n. For connections, Bluetooth 4.2, LTE, GPS are used.

The device is equipped with a removable 1500 mAh battery, which allows you to forget about the power outlet for two weeks (if it is in standby mode all this time).

Weighing 118 grams, in the closed position, the device measures 54.5 ? 104.8 ? 18.7 mm. Compactness is one of its advantages.

Features and functionality

Some users may find the Nokia 2720 Flip a bit odd. On the one hand, it received a panel with large buttons and an "SOS" button, which indicates its purpose for older people. On the other hand, it is not clear why such a category of users of YouTube, the voice assistant of Google, Facebook and WhatsApp. All of these programs are installed by default and work fine thanks to an ancient but reliable processor.

At the same time, its display is not touch-sensitive. With push-button dialing, it's easy to only make calls. It is difficult to use other functionality here.

This is especially true for Wi-Fi connections, since here you need to enter the password using the numeric keypad. It is also not easy to navigate the menu. This requires arrows. The Nokia 2720 Flip has got a web browser, but again it is not clear why it is here.


Using its interface is extremely inconvenient, you don't even have to think about web surfing.

Typing and software

Another problem is using the T9 keyboard to type messages. Take WhatsApp for example. In general, it works fine here, you can communicate in group chats. But most users will not like the T9 format.

This type of printing makes it difficult to communicate online. As a result, all messages become shorter, and then the desire to write them disappears altogether. One of the users compared the work of the keyboard of this type of smartphones to running in lead boots: all friends write to you, and they receive answers with a great delay.

Simplifies this process using the voice assistant Google Assistant. To do this, press the selection button and wait for the program to activate. Next, you need to dictate a message that will be delivered to the subscriber.

It's also realistic to use the WhatsApp voice memo service. It works even easier.

The downside to both options is that they are not suitable for use in a crowded or noisy place.


It's not even worth talking about the performance of this device. The two cores of its chipset are capable of only performing the most elementary actions. It is enough that the pages do not hang here when viewing data on YouTube or Google Maps.

One of the big advantages of the Nokia 2720 Flip is its autonomy. It is significantly higher than most smartphones. This is due to the presence of a small screen and minor functionality of the device.

With average usage of this smartphone, one charge will last for several days.


As it turned out, the folding model has more disadvantages than advantages. It is suitable for those who use mobile devices only for calls. Advanced users will probably not like low performance, small screen, lack of necessary functionality. Such people are the majority in modern society.

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Author: Jake Pinkman