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11 game mechanics we hate


Just because we love games doesn't mean we can't hate them. Especially if they have mechanics that piss us off. Anger is a normal reaction, it is simply impossible to do something like this or otherwise, when we see similar problems over and over again in the game. Here are 10 mechanics we hate.

Limited time to play

Imagine that you came to a water park, bought a ticket and stood in line for a slide. And so, you stood for an hour, climbed the hill, moved off and went to the next one, as on the way a thug grabs you and throws you out, saying that your time is up, and to the argument that you stood in line for a long time, he answers: lucky next time.

This is how I feel when the game limits me in time. I am a player who loves to explore the game completely. Everything inside shrinks when unopened places remain on the map. Plus, the open world often offers a lot of fun and you want to try everything. And it really pisses me off when my time to complete the story is limited.

Ah, did not have time to complete the game in three intra-year days? Game over. I first encountered this when I played Dead Rising 3 and although I did not experience much discomfort, the timer, which reminded me to hurry, was very infuriating.

It was worse in Fallout 1, when you were given 150 days to find the water chip. And that's pretty damn small considering that there are a lot of quests in the game. You could have completed another special quest that could extend the deadline, but after the chip is found, the shelter is saved: hello again - you have 500 days to destroy the super mutants. You can grovel for a long time, but let's stop.

Adjusting enemies to your level

Oh yes, you know the very feeling when you are mercilessly raped by some petty opponent on the first level, and then you become tough; you complete quests, find legendary equipment, kill legendary monsters ... and a small enemy suddenly becomes as strong and you fight with him all the same seriously.


Why? Why are you kidding me, developers? Why does any bum two levels higher turn me into a mess at low levels, and I myself, having gone through hellish pumping, cannot repay him with the same coin? Yes, Ubisoft and Bethesda, I'm talking to you!

Weapon wear

But this is already a question of realism. And I am not against the very concept of weapon wear as such. This is realistic and I'm not complaining, for example, that my character cannot spend much time underwater. Since it looks realistic. With a weapon, everything is often wrong and it either dulls too quickly or breaks altogether. In Breath of The Wild, people were afraid to use their favorite weapons, as they could quickly break and disappear forever.


In Resident Evil, combat knives break as if they were created not to kill with them, but to cleanly cut sausage.

In the end, in the same Red Dead Redemption 2 it was done correctly. So it is possible in principle.


Playing Quantic Dreams projects is very difficult:

  • Don't get caught up in history
  • Don't worry about your choice
  • Don't hate QTE

In fact, QTE was not invented by David Cage, but by Yu Suzuki in Shenmue. Their manifestations can be found in much older games, but it was Shenmue that made them a full-fledged element of the gameplay. But Cage showed us that from this one element you can make the whole game. This is interesting only at first, but over time you start to feel like a bit of a primate who presses the buttons in a certain order to get bananas.


And as much as you would like to joke about Telltale and their games for similar motives - you just did not play Cage's first project Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy.

Hit Percentage

Imagine the situation. You stand two meters from the enemy, aim a rifle at his head and the game says: "Well done dude, the chance of hitting 95%." And you miss, and the enemy takes you out.


If you've ever played the first Fallout, you know how awful it is when the game decides that you don't deserve a 95% chance of getting caught between the eyes of your opponent. As an excuse, it can be said that it works the other way too. In the heat of battle, when it seems that there is no hope of killing the enemy, you still fall into it, with a 5% chance of success, and this is unforgettable.


This partly refers to the previous point, but still a little different. The random number generator is often mocked in a much more severe way, for example, when it does not give you good loot from the boss. When you open a high level chest, and trash drops out of it. This greatly devalues everything you do, because the dopamine in your head has never been made.


Limited saves

I'm still waiting for the developers of our life to introduce a patch that will add the ability to take a screenshot with the eyes, as well as the ability to remain.

In games, the lack of saving enrages at all levels. Starting from the impossibility of saving without an ink ribbon in Resident Evil, ending with the absence of a banal autosave between difficult stages of the game following each other. And yes, I understand, sometimes this is a feature of the gameplay or genre, as in the case of the same RE or Dark Souls. But who is the genius who looked at, say, a MediEvil remake and said, “Do you know what the players want to see? Lack of autosaves at the level! ".


Yes, I understand, the laws of physics dictate to us that the more you carry, the slower you move. But when I can't take a cool loot because I'm overloaded or when I start walking slowly, panic takes over common sense. At the same time, what kind of physics can we talk about when in Skyrim, even if you are overloaded, you can still put your horse in a backpack, because it is dimensionless.


Plus, 10 more units of weight will fit into my inventory, the sword weighs 10.5 - and these 0.5 units are already an unbearable burden.

Cheating by AI

Have you ever felt that the game is behaving dishonestly? For example, attacking a Spartan soldier in AC Odyssey, five more soldiers fly at you instantly, while you kill them, the same number comes, and a reward is announced for your head, and two bounty hunters appeared on the horizon.


Many games do this, and the game can often cheat, such as seeing you through cover or the fog of war trying to destroy.

Unavoidable events

Dedicated to Mass Effect fans. I have often wondered why, for example, when you are asked to have sex in some games, and you miss this opportunity, this will never happen again. That is, nothing has changed between you and the character, you never know why you refused him. But for the game, this is not an argument, this character will not even remember his proposal. This is just one example of inevitable events that if you missed it, you will not return. This mechanic is so unfair that it's hard not to hate it. Why should everything happen at once? Why not give me the opportunity to take an interesting object, for example, not when it overloads me, and they beat me to death on the way back, but when I want to?



Pass a second time and then you will find out the truth

Not so much mechanics as just infuriating. I don't know about you, but I play this or that game repeatedly, only after a while, and then only if I really want to. After all, we live in an era of oversaturation, and we don't always have time to play what we want once. And there are games that require us to play them two or more times in order to unlock the real ending. And I don't know who are the people who at one time were ready to play the original Resident Evil 3 8 times as the developer planned. It's good when at least the second playthrough is interesting, but in my opinion, it's disgusting to demand this more than twice.

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Author: Jake Pinkman