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Great design and boring gameplay: We Happy Few received first marks


For all lovers of dystopian stories and dark style in the spirit of Tim Burton, August 10 is a significant day, because We Happy Few was released. In our selection of the main games of August, we have already analyzed the project in more detail, so let's say briefly: the creation of the Compulsion Games studio is a unique mix of a survival game, an intriguing plot and randomly generated levels. The complex concept inspires respect, but, unfortunately, from the first reviews of We Happy Few it becomes clear that not all the ideas were successfully implemented by the developers.

Almost all reviewers agreed that grotesque style is the main advantage of the game. However, this was obvious even from the first screenshots of We Happy Few. Of much greater interest are the compliments to the plot component, which favorably distinguish the game among the host of other projects focused on survival, and even with randomly generated locations. It is worth remembering only No Man's Sky, where the script was for a "tick" and without it the game would not have lost anything, and it would not have become better either.

But omitting the positives, let's return to the disadvantages of We Happy Few. There are also enough of them, and most of all they criticize all those moments that do not relate to the plot, lore or style, namely the gameplay itself. Currently, the average score for We Happy Few on the Metacritic resource is kept at a modest 66 points.

Below is a selection of the brightest reviews of the Compulsion Games project from popular gaming publications:

Windows Central - 90

Despite not the best optimization, We Happy Few is definitely worth playing for all gamers who love games with elements of survival and construction.

Shacknews - 80

The game skillfully balances gameplay mechanics and never ceases to amaze with exploration of the world, battles, puzzles and building elements as you move through the story. We Happy Few does not slow down and throws new surprises around every corner, making you really feel as if you are solving the mysterious world of the game bit by bit.

Attack on The Fanboy - 70

We Happy Few is a mix of awesome and mediocre elements. Of course, the game is far from perfect, depressing mediocre stealth and gameplay, which can quickly get bored. At the same time, the game offers a beautiful and unique world full of custom characters and locations.

BaziCenter - 60

We Happy Few tries to combine a utopian story with a survival game, but the developers fail to combine these two elements, and sometimes they even interfere with each other. Overall, the quality of the game could have been much better.

PC Invasion - 50

This has the makings of a great game. Strange, but really interesting. At the same time, the stunningly beautiful world of We Happy Few is crushed by the weight of awkward gameplay and useless game mechanics.

Reviews really leave much to be desired, but the game can definitely be wished for everyone who appreciates the plot, visual style and is ready to endure some roughness of the gameplay.

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Author: Jake Pinkman