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Reasons to play old games


Sometimes I hear people ask me the question: "Why do people play old games?" For them, going through a 20-year-old game is simply pointless, since today there are many more modern projects that are much better both from a technical point of view and from a storyline. Separately, there is always a complaint - the graphics are bad. I am a person who loves old games, outdated mechanics and those very bad graphics. Although as for me, it is better to call it obsolete. Alas, due to current trends, many old games are simply depreciated, which is a little sad, because there are good reasons to play old games.

Memories of the Past

We all have fond memories of the games that we played as children and passed more than once, which at times we cannot afford now. This is largely due to the fact that today there are too many things coming out, and only the most interesting projects can get our attention a second time, which can almost change a significant piece of the plot or gameplay upon repeated play. Earlier, due to the excess or inability to get this or another game, even the most linear title was replayable. However, we now have access to many cult things of the past to try them out.


I was pushed at one time to this by the breakdown of the power supply 5 years ago, which knocked down the PC every time the game required more than 256MB of memory from the video card. For a number of reasons at that time, it took three or four months to diagnose the problem and buy a new unit. And then, after playing the classic four Silent Hill, two parts Resident Evil and BloodRayne, I realized that I had a great time with these old projects. Today I still do not bypass the classics, because you can also get lost in it for long hours and get an unforgettable experience. Here are some reasons I love playing old games.


1.Experience of that time and great stories

We play games to get a cool new experience and another story. Playing old projects, first of all, we get an authentic experience of our time, observe trends, evolution of mechanics and storytelling.

You become a gamer of that period, and it just pulls you out of your comfort zone, forcing you to perceive the game in a new way. Yes, this may not please everyone, for example, I hate such a trend in the 2000s as a stationary machine gun and am glad that it is gone. However, if this is a project that you have not played in your time, mechanics, game design will shock you no less than many modern games. Playing the same Shenmue, you will be surprised that many of the things that are considered cool features in open worlds today existed back in 1999. Playing Silent Hill - that games were scary years ago, blood, violence and madness were still in American McGee's Alice, and difficulty is the norm in any game.


Once again, you realize that everything new is a long forgotten old, presented in a different cover. But watching how it looked before is a separate joy. This is the experience you should be returning to your old games for.

And the second is stories. At times, the storyline in many older games was just for show - it's true, but not in all.

There are many great games released every week. But if you are like me, you probably missed a lot of them. Don't think you "should" only play the latest and greatest games. Turn back and see why there is so much hype around Legend of Zelda or Chrono Trigger. They became iconic for a reason. Maybe you don't even need to go that far back. Go back to the PS3 or Xbox 360 era when the first Mass Effect or Bioshock came out. These games may not be the newest, but you will never forget their stories. I completed the first and second Fallout in 2016, and despite the fact that the games were my age, I experienced a genuine pleasure in playing.


Today, in the era of remakes and remasters, you need to understand that it came precisely because of the coolness of old projects.

2. Archaism now - a breakthrough then

Playing old games now, looking at their trailers or screenshots, you can see how the game industry has developed and made a big technological step forward. And yes, it is understandable why many fans of grafonium turn up their noses from old games, or why, in general, people are intimidated by, for example, the old game design of levels. It's hard to be a casual player today.

But the fact that they look bad now does not mean that this or that project was so then. Twenty years ago, Mario 64 first gave us a revolutionary camera that powers many third-person cameras today.


Now, playing Mario Odyssey, you can appreciate all the details and work done by the creators, and know how it all started, enjoying how comfortable it is now. Returning, remembering and even playing classics, we value the present more.

3. Finance

Let's be honest, being trendy isn't cheap. Games are expensive right now, and if you want to have a good time and save money, this is another reason to go back to the classics. Many projects of the past, if sold, are cheap. But if some games cannot be bought anywhere, you know where to find them and no one will blame you for that.


These are natural processes when old games fall in price or even can be donated for free, for example, the first Half Life. Plus, just because you bought an old game and don't play it doesn't mean you won't. One day you will still return to her. You will not have extra money for something new or with your hardware, as in my case, something will happen, you can start a game bought for almost nothing and enjoy everything that I described above. And if everything is fine with your finances and you pre-order each triple-A product, take another look: you don't have a couple of dollars to spare, for example, for the first Portal?

4. Nostalgia

And let's not forget about the great nostalgia. Sometimes, we get pleasure simply from the fact that we pick up an old disc with a game. His box contains additional materials that were often added to games. You launch it, and plunge into the good old days, when life was easier and games were made with soul.


I experience this every time I play the first Prince of Persia: Sands of time, Mafia, or the same third GTA. Playing old games, as well as revisiting old films or TV series, we give in to a sense of nostalgia, as well as look at them in a new way, find more meaning, implications or even become disappointed - this also happens. But it's worth it. This is why WoW Classic took off.


You can experience this feeling, even going through something that was not in your childhood, because you feel the atmosphere and spirit of that time. When I played 1997's Shadow Warrior and 1993's Litil Divil, both for pennies on the incentive, it felt like I was plunged into the heyday of PC gaming. Even though in 1993 I didn't even exist.

5. Feeling Together

And the last thing is a sense of unity with generations. Games have been around since the 70s and going through old projects, feeling the era and trends of that time, you have something in common with the people who played them when they came out, and it was something cool.


When I'm over 30, I'll meet a 15-year-old boy or girl who will say that he played classics like Bioshock Infinite, Dishonored and The Witcher 3, I will have something with him- that is common, and it will clearly warm my soul. For despite such a difference in age, this conditional person and I will have a common experience and I think it's cool.


If we do not die from an environmental disaster, in 2050 I will tell you how I played Cyberpunk 2077 30 years ago. That will be cool too, and the opposite of how I, as a young man, now played the original 1988 Wasteland.

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Author: Jake Pinkman