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NVIDIA Infinite Resolution - Is the Graphics Revolution Coming?


When it comes to graphics quality in games, texture resolution is a key issue. After all, it is the textures that cover almost every virtual surface, and if their quality is low, the game will lose its charm.

And now, the pattern that always seemed obvious may very soon cease to exist. NVIDIA engineers have developed a rather daring technology Infinite Resolution (literally "infinite resolution") - it marks nothing more than the transfer of vector graphics to the world of virtual entertainment. But the most important question is how will such a design behave in practical conditions? And how will this affect the capabilities of modern video cards?

On June 7, NVIDIA filed for a patent that promises to be a revolutionary method for generating graphics in PC games. Today textures are a file with a fixed number of pixels, which when expanded (increased resolution) looks much less clear.

In simple terms, "infinite resolution" technology is vector graphics, or representations of images based on geometric objects located in a coordinate system. After enlarging such an image, the quality will still be high, since we do not "capture" the pixels to stretch the image, but only change the mathematical notation of the graphics.

However, this is due to certain nuances - for example, developers will have to program their games accordingly, so that in every situation (at any given resolution) the texture is characterized by high definition.

If you implement such a solution in games, then their lifespan will automatically extend, because visually they will become obsolete much more slowly. There are many prerequisites for the fact that before the implementation of Infinite Resolution in real projects, it is not long to wait. NVIDIA has been working on the technology for a long time, and patenting it right now can speak of an imminent presentation. Who knows, what if they tell us about it at an opportunity - for example, during the announcement of GeForce GTX 2000 cards? Be that as it may, we still have more questions than facts.

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Author: Jake Pinkman