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Assassins Creed: Origins mini review


Today, Assassin's Creed is perhaps the only conveyor series in which the developers are not constrained in their experiments.

The main structure of the open world continues to remain in each of the games, but the hero's capabilities and other game elements sometimes change in a very dramatic direction.

It has already become traditional that each new game from this series takes us to some new era. Assassin's Creed: Origins is no exception, and now the player can run through the sands of Ancient Egypt. At the same time, the game skillfully weaves a storyline with historical events. The latter act as a background here. Massive adventures, intrigue and plot twists - it's all there.

Like a history textbook

In its accuracy and attention to detail, Assassin's Creed: Origins may well claim to be the history textbook. In cities, you will see architecture that exactly corresponds to what was many centuries ago. However, not cities alone: during your wanderings you will have to visit plenty of deserts, as well as virgin forests of ancient Egypt. In general, Assassin's Creed: Origins is one of the few games dedicated to the ancient city, given that such a setting is not so common in games today.

Assassin's Creed is now more rpg than ever

Together with the era, the developers have made changes directly to the gameplay. If the previous parts, although they used RPG elements, continued to be a third-person action game, Origins in this regard shifted even more towards the role-playing game.

Now not only pumping has appeared here, but also opportunities that directly depend on the level of character development. For example, if you have a small level, but you still decide to swing over large territories, then you will find fights with almost invulnerable enemies. Bosses have also become much more difficult, requiring a more thoughtful approach.

The game boasts great opportunities in terms of pumping. Here you can choose the best weapons, choose the fastest horses and improve your armor. And the main character can now accumulate rage and has special moves.

Also, the game has several types of bows that can be used in battles at long distances. But the stealth component of the game has hardly changed. Sometimes you can remove opponents with the help of silent arrows, but basically the whole stealth boils down to the fact that you are hiding in dense grass.

New combat mechanics

The mechanics of the game have also changed. So, an eagle appeared in it, with which the player can explore the area, marking important places and people. You will not even notice how this feathered companion will become your irreplaceable assistant. However, even with this seemingly legalized cheat, the game will take you at least fifty hours.

In addition to passing the storyline, you will be forced to perform side missions like storming fortresses and exploring tombs for treasures hidden in them. Without all this, you will not be able to get the level necessary to complete many tasks. Fortunately, all these tasks are very multifaceted (take, for example, chariot races and gladiatorial fights) and are well thought out, so there can be no talk of any routine.

What's the bottom line?

As a result, we got a game that managed not only to preserve the advantages of the previous parts, but also to bring something new to the series. Therefore, if you are a fan of "assassin", then the verdict here is unambiguous: play, play and play again!

Christmas sales in the ubistore will begin very soon and this game is probably worth buying one of the first.


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Author: Jake Pinkman