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Is Far Cry 5 a copy of Far Cry 3? An honest look at the game


One of the most anticipated games of the year, the main game of the spring, the best shooter of 2018 - and many other compliments are giving out in-game editions to the new Ubisoft game long before Far Cry 5.

Here the question naturally arises: have some media outlets delivered Ubisoft suitcases? After all, everyone, even real fans of the series, are unlikely to object to the fact that each new part is similar in gameplay to the previous one and only the setting is really different.

We decided to analyze all the available information on the game Far Cry 5 in order to understand whether the new part of the shooter in the open world is really worthy of wearing the number "5" in the title and whether they just slip us another version of Far Cry 3.

Setting and story

Ubisoft games have always approached the choice of the surroundings with exceptional imagination, here it is simply impossible to find fault with the creators of Far Cry. From the African savannas and mountain ranges of the Himalayas, and ending with a setting stylized as fantastic action movies of the 80s. The creative department responsible for choosing the game world can sleep well.

The developers did not disappoint in Far Cry 5, throwing the players into a provincial town in North America. It looks simply luxurious, and the pastoral landscapes beckon to quickly plunge into such a cozy, painted world. It is also worth noting here that the system requirements for Far Cry 5 have remained practically unchanged for 3 and a half years since the release of the previous numbered part.

Far Cry 5 comparison

Visually repeating the setting of provincial America is only half the job, it is impossible to believe in the world of the game if it does not repeat the customs and culture of the people living in the far corners of the States. Here, judging by the numerous videos of Far Cry 5, the developers did an excellent job, especially in the plot and characters of the game.

The entire plot of the game Far Cry 5 is built around the religious sect "New Eden", which, led by Joseph Sid, proclaimed a new order in a small, far from civilization city. Okay, here Ubisoft offers something really new, because they have not yet touched on the topic of religion, and in such a harsh form. But here's another part of the plot with the uprising against the local dictator - we have already seen this in Far Cry 3 and in other parts of the series.

You can learn more about the New Eden cultists in our special material dedicated to the main villains of Far Cry 5


In far Cry 3, the developers are our ideal gameplay model of the game: we capture outposts, explore the world on foot or by transport, enlist the help of wild animals to kill opponents and complete spectacular story missions. In subsequent games, Ubisoft simply polished the basic gameplay. But, as you know, even the best entertainment can get boring if you do it constantly. So what has been added to the mechanics of Far Cry 5 to refresh the gameplay?

Let's start with the towers. Now, to open new points on the map, you no longer need to climb the next tower, they were completely excluded from the game. To get new quests, you will have to explore the world and interact with characters, of which there will be more than 50. Each NPC will be ready to give the main character in Far Cry 5 a new quest. Peaceful villagers can be found in settlements reclaimed from sectarians, or by carefully exploring the world. Perhaps this is the main change in the game mechanics.

Far Cry 5 mechanics

Next - weapons. Like any self-respecting shooter, in Far Cry 5 the player will have access to a huge arsenal of weapons to resist the adversaries. Despite the serious plot, Far Cry has always been aimed at wild fan games, and in the new part its number will only increase thanks to dynamites and rocket launchers, which are now not scared by enemies.

Let's move on to transport. The car park is fully consistent with the setting and we will delight you with such exotic vehicles for the series as trucks and a tractor. But what can really be called an innovation is flying transport in the form of seaplanes and helicopters, from which you can drop a bomb on the heads of unsuspecting rednecks.

Far Cry 5 Rednecks

To make shooting local natives even more fun, the developers have introduced a partner system into the game. There will be seven of them in total and they will all be ready to join the player for a small fee. Everyone except the cute mongrel Boomer. This handsome man does not need money, he is ready to bite the sectarians for free. Another confirmation that dogs are man's best friend.

Well, as the icing on the cake - the opportunity to complete the entire Far Cry 5 campaign in co-op with a friend. True, it is difficult to call it a big innovation, since already in Far Cry 4, it was possible to arrange a race with a friend in the open world or in several story missions.

Far Cry 5 Quests

So what's the bottom line?

Summing up the line, we can definitely say that Far Cry 5 is not the third part with redrawn locations and enemy skins. Yes, there are a lot of purely cosmetic changes in the gameplay, but a completely redesigned system of world exploration and a lot of characters ready to talk to the player and give him a whole chain of quests is intriguing. Sounds like an RPG. Perhaps we are even waiting for some analogue of Assassins Creed Origins only with a first-person view.

Far Cry 5 quests

Players will be able to test this bold assumption very soon - Far cry 5 will be released on March 27 . If you are sure of buying the game, then we recommend not to waste time and download Far Cry 5 , as now various game niches, such as vehicles and weapons, are presented for pre-order.

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