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A detailed review of JVC HA-S90BN-B Bluetooth headphones


Some might be surprised to hear that JVC is producing acoustics. Meanwhile, this company has been developing and manufacturing similar products in their various forms for a long time. JVC HA-S90BN-B headphones are wireless and one of the best in terms of functionality and performance. Like any other product of this company, this device is manufactured according to high technological standards.

JVC is known for its products. The quality of her products has always been, if not a standard, then a measure of assessment close to this concept. Many people remember the first TVs and VCRs of the company, which began to enter the USA market in the mid-90s of the last century. Some of them still work.

Let's appreciate the efforts of JVC engineers in the field of development and production of acoustic products.

Refinements in design and ergonomics

HA-S90BN-B can be called an atypical representative in its product class. When you first examine them, you find nothing surprising. The usual "ears" are medium in size, the cups have the shape of an oval, they can be rotated by 900 in the vertical plane. They can also be folded to fit comfortably in the bag (included in the kit) while carrying.


The adjustable plastic rim has neat padding for added comfort. The possibility of accidental damage to the headband is excluded due to the presence of plastic-coated metal plates.

Much of the design is carefully thought out. The mountings of the cups are made in such a way that no problems for contacts and wires are created during evolutions of various kinds.

The headphones weigh about 200 grams, but they do not cause any inconvenience. The downforce action is calculated in such a way that they will never fall off, but at the same time, the head will not get tired of wearing them for a long time. The user's ears (medium size) fit comfortably into the ear cushion without being pressed.

The JVC HA-S90BN-B controls are well placed on the right earpiece. The volume is adjusted with a rocker key, its own tuning system does not depend on the degree of intensity transmitted from the sound source.

The control key has several functions (play / pause, forward / backward). You can also control calls, communicate using a voice assistant.


The keys and buttons are made of high quality, they work reliably, their accidental loss or loosening is excluded.

Sound quality and noise reduction

The human ear hears in the range from 20 to 20,000 Hz, the frequency range of the JVC HA-S90BN-B is 8-25,000 Hz. This is more than enough for our ears.

The sound of music in these headphones is bass-oriented, low-end oriented. Particularly finicky music lovers are advised to use the included 3.5mm cable to listen to FLAC music.

The product is equipped with an active noise canceling system. This is most effective for sounds with low frequencies. Noises from external sound stimuli (train, subway, plane) are well damped. The situation is slightly worse with sounds emitted in the middle and high frequency ranges. For example, music and human speech are muffled less effectively.

Synchronization level and offline operation

Headphones synchronize with other gadgets via Bluetooth 3.0. The connection is stable, without significant interference and breaks. Its maximum range is 10 m, which was confirmed in practical tests using natural obstacles - two walls.

NFC contributes to the quality and level of synchronization, the presence of this functionality is natural. You can simply attach the device to be synced to the left cup and it will be connected.

The unit is equipped with a microphone, so you can use the JVC HA-S90BN-B as a stereo headset. This feature will definitely be in demand among fans of such gadgets who prefer to have their hands free.

The level of autonomy of the device is quite high. A full charge lasts for a day. This is provided that the noise canceling function is not used, with it - about 20 hours.

Charging is carried out from the mains using a 5 V / 1.5 A adapter. It takes 4.5 hours for a full cycle.

The cost of JVC HA-S90BN-B in USA is 7,590 rubles.

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Author: Jake Pinkman