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InterStep's domestic response to Chinese Havit


It's nice to know that we have something of our own. There are no cars, household appliances, electronics. Not everything in the latter niche is Chinese, although it should be admitted that their products are the overwhelming majority. Let's review the InterStep SBH-530 wireless headphones and analogue, manufactured by the Chinese company Havit.

High standard product

Engineers, when developing modern products, make it possible to place a large number of useful functions in them. This also applies to wireless headphones. Specialists of the USA company InterStep have created SBH-530, which not only support the Bluetooth 5.0 standard, but also have the ability to communicate with voice assistants Google Assistant, Apple Siri and "Alice" from Yandex.


These services allow you to do a lot: find out the weather forecast, check the presence of traffic jams along the route, translate any phrase into a foreign language, find and play a piece of music, etc. This saves a ton of time and makes everything easier.

The headphones are not wired, which is convenient. They were developed as "plugs", which allows them to be securely fastened in the auricle and increases the level of noise isolation. They will appeal even more to those who often play sports or lead an active lifestyle. This is facilitated by the protrusion on the body of the products and ear cushions of various sizes, offered in the kit.

The headphone case is at the same time their charging station, which has a corresponding indication indicating the charge level using LEDs. The manufacturer claims that music listening time is 3 hours on its battery, and up to 15 hours when recharged in a case.

The charging station "refills" with energy in 2 hours, headphones - for one and a half.


The headset is controlled by touch panels on the body. You can answer a call, control music playback. You cannot change the volume level, you need a smartphone for this.

The Bluetooth 5.0 connection enables communication within a radius of 10 meters. Other characteristics of InterStep SBH-530 are:

  • Bluetooth profiles: HFP / HSP / A2D2 / AVRCP / TWS
  • operating frequency range: 20 to 20,000 Hz.
  • sensitivity: 93 dB.
  • impedance: 32 ohms.
  • case dimensions: 80 x 33 x 31 mm.
  • total weight: 58 g.

Analog from Havit

This Chinese company has proven itself well in the markets of Europe and Asia. Her products are also popular in both Americas, but in our country, few people have heard of such a brand.

Havit Group was founded in 1998 as a consumer electronics manufacturer. The range of its products includes more than 300 items. Experts point out that the distinctive features of Havit products are their own style, original design and high quality goods.

At the beginning of next year, this company is scheduled to officially enter the USA market. It is noteworthy that among other products will be sold wireless headphones G1, which may compete with the InterStep SBH-530.


Let's briefly review the Chinese novelty

With official deliveries, which will soon be the case for the USA Federation, the package includes a headphone case. It is divided into two halves, each of which accommodates an earpiece. The charge of the products is enough for 3.5 hours of battery life, the presence of a case-case allows up to five cycles of additional power supply. This is possible thanks to the rather powerful 720 mAh battery that comes with the case.


When it comes to design, the G1s are not particularly advanced, they have the same plug shape as most of the latest models. Also available are additional mounts for greater convenience when placing the headphones at your workplace. There is also protection against moisture and dust according to the IPx5 standard.

Using the functionality of Google Assistant and Apple Siri, you can perform voice control of the device.

While this is all the information about the new product from Havit. We will wait for the official start of sales of her products. It seems that the firm's management is somewhat worried about this. One of its directors recently noticed that USA buyers are distinguished by good technical taste and literacy. They are quite demanding on the functionality and quality of products, but Havit products will not fail their hopes and expectations.

This is true, but I would like the products of domestic manufacturers to compete with the Chinese and not disappoint our hopes.

The Topic of Article: InterStep's domestic response to Chinese Havit.
Author: Jake Pinkman