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Sony unveils its own electric vehicle


Japanese brand Sony, known primarily for consumer and mobile gadgets, has decided to prove itself in yet another industry. The company presented a new electric car of its own production. The working concept of the Sony electric car was named Vision-S.

The Japanese manufacturer showed its first electric car at CES-2020. The auto concept is the result of the interaction of several companies. Such giants as Qualcomm, Bosch, Nvidia and others were involved in the development of individual parts of the electric car. Sony's tasks were mainly to create software components and basic car electronics.


In the development of a branded electric car, Sony paid a lot of attention to the issue of safety. For this reason, the Vision-S is equipped with over thirty Sony CMOS sensors and multiple cameras. All of them are distributed both inside the cabin and on the outside of the body. Some sensors are responsible for the autopilot function.

Several cameras are placed near the windshield. One is recording while the car is moving, two more are responsible for the depth map, the other pair analyzes distant and near objects. On the sides and rear of the cabin, there are Surround View cameras along with electromagnetic sensors that determine the distance and speed of objects. In general, the entire security system allows you to fully assess the situation around the Vision-S within a 360-degree radius. Unlike most vehicles, Sony's electric car instead of the usual rearview mirrors has cameras that broadcast images to screens.


In addition to analyzing the environment, numerous sensors and cameras of the electric vehicle also monitor the driver himself. For this, there are several sensors in the car above the driver's seat that record eye movements and hand position. Such actions of the security system can help out if the driver, for example, begins to fall asleep while driving. In addition, special sensors assess the condition of all car passengers, and depending on this, they can change the temperature inside the cabin.

The all-wheel drive Vision-S is equipped with two electric motors with a total power of 544 hp. The new electric car accelerates to a speed of 100 kilometers per hour in five seconds, according to the manufacturer.


The maximum speed that the Japanese concept can achieve is declared at 240 kilometers per hour. For ease of viewing, a panoramic screen is located across the entire front panel. The car is equipped with 5G access.

For a comfortable stay inside the cabin, the manufacturer decided to supplement the electric car with 360 Reality Audio audio playback technology. All seats are equipped with multiple speakers for a surround sound effect. You can control the car using the Vision-S Link application.

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