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CES 2020 Auto Tech: Sony EV, Wallbox Quasar Charging, Samsung 5G Console


Products from many developers are on display at CES 2020 in Las Vegas. Among them there are not only products, but also whole cars and technologies for them. In this article, we will tell you about the equipment of an electric car from Sony, the charging capabilities of the Wallbox Quasar and the 5G console for the cars of the future from the Korean Samsung.

Sony unveiled a car that uses only its products and technologies

At a forum in Las Vegas, Sony showed an electric car of its own design, Sony Vision-S. The main purpose of this step was to demonstrate the company's capabilities in equipping vehicles with various sensors, sensors and other proprietary products. Also, the Japanese wanted to show that this exhibition is not only intended to show gadgets, devices and household appliances. Vision-S is a kind of showcase of the company's capabilities.


With his help, some technologies were presented that in the future this manufacturer would like to sell to companies specializing in the development of cars and the supply of spare parts for them.

Moreover, this experience already exists: Sony sensors are supplied to some factories. There is never a lot of good experience, for sure the plans of the Japanese manufacturer include the expansion of this market segment.

Vision-S is equipped with 33 sensors that work both outside and inside it. They are used to ensure safety when driving a vehicle, in the infotainment system, electrical equipment.

Several Sony enterprises, specializing in various developments, were involved in the production of filling the interior of the car. For example, the Reality Audio sound system uses the closed cockpit principle on the 3600. This is done to ensure that passengers are surrounded by sound from all directions.

Magna specialists took an active part in the creation of Vision-S. They helped develop a platform for the vehicle.

In addition to this company, BlackBerry QNX, Bosch, NVIDIA, Gentex Corporation, Continental, Qualcomm, HERE, Elektrobit, ZF and Benteler took part in the production process.

The traffic processes and the entire infotainment complex in this car are controlled by a system that is always connected to the Internet and updated wirelessly.

Experts agree that the Vision-S will not be launched into mass production. The risk of incurring losses when storming the auto industry is too great. It is much more beneficial to use the model to demonstrate the capabilities of various systems and technologies developed by your own engineers. Sony will probably do just that.

Using Wallbox Quasar charging, electric vehicles can power the entire home

During CES 2020, several electric cars were presented, but none of the visitors aroused interest in the charging station. In most cases, these are ordinary plastic boxes with several wires.

This does not apply to the Wallbox Quasar charging shown on the same forum.


It can be seen that the device has an attractive design. Another plus is the ability to power an entire house from an electric vehicle (charged with Wallbox Quasar). This is despite the fact that this device is not a bidirectional product.

It cannot be used in residential premises, but, in the event of a power outage, an electric car in the yard can act as a backup source of electricity. With its help, it is really possible to provide such a TV, refrigerator and Wi-Fi router.

This immediately raises the question of the capabilities of an electric vehicle battery. On average, it is capable of delivering 70-75 kWh. In our country, one household per day consumes about 20 kWh of electricity. This means that the battery capacity will last for at least three days.

But there are some nuances here. Wallbox Quasar can now only be used in three models of electric vehicles: Nissan Leaf, Nissan e-NV200 and Mitsubishi Outlander. The thing is that only they support the CHAdeMO charging standard.

These electric vehicles are widespread in the USA Federation, therefore the Quasar charger should eventually gain popularity with us.

No pricing and launch date have been announced yet.

Samsung Future Auto Console

At the show, Samsung presented the Digital Cockpit 2020 - a 5G car console.


Samsung Exynos Auto V9 processor is used as the hardware filling of the product, which is controlled by Android 10. One of the device's features is its synchronization with eight cameras and displays integrated into the exterior and interior of the car.

In order for the data transfer rate to be at a high level, the capabilities of the 5G modem are used. At the same time, all information (as conceived by the manufacturer) is sent to a special hub based in the house or office of the owner of the car.

The voice assistant Bixby, created by the engineers of the Korean company, is called upon to provide all possible assistance to the driver.

For ease of use, the Digital Cockpit 2020 is synchronized with multiple displays. One of them is located on the center console, two are integrated into the front seats. Another 53.7-inch screen is installed at the rear of the vehicle. It allows you to display various kinds of warnings for those who are following the smart car.

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