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Audi has developed an SUV with drones instead of headlights


At a large-scale auto show in Frankfurt, Audi has shown its own vision of what the cars of the future can become in the near future. The company showed off its AI: Trail concept for driving on challenging roads and natural terrain. The SUV did not have the usual headlights - in the opinion of Audi, they can be replaced by flying drones with flashlights.

Audi is not afraid of experimentation and often offers new technologies in cars and other means of transportation. They are replacing the usual ideas of how a car usually looks with a classic set of functions and parts. So, last year, the German brand showed a car that did not have rear mirrors. The company proposed replacing them with cameras that transmit images to displays located on the front door panels. And this year Audi has come up with a hybrid version of a skateboard and scooter.

The design of the SUV clearly shows the motives of fantasy. In appearance, AI: Trail resembles the cars of the future and has no resemblance to modern representatives of the automotive industry. The capsule-like body of the car is made of aluminum. Overall, the design is minimalistic. There are a minimum of things inside the car - the salon contains only a steering wheel in the form of a racing wheel, seats and a holder for a mobile device. Most likely, a smartphone will be needed to set any settings for controlling an SUV. Passenger seats can be used instead of a berth. They can also be removed, thereby increasing the luggage compartment.


In the mind of Audi, cars of the future do not have headlights. Instead, the German concern proposes to use flying drones. The idea is that the devices fly in front of the car, illuminating its path. For an SUV, such a solution can be very effective. If on its way there is a water obstacle up to 1.5 meters deep, the light of standard headlights, when passing through it, can disappear under water. This will not happen with drones.


From the standpoint of the manufacturer, the car is designed to travel more over rough terrain than on flat roads. Despite the fact that AI: Trail is still a concept model, Audi decided to reveal its dimensions. The car weighing 1.75 tonnes is just over four meters (4.15) long and 2.15 meters wide.The car's height is 1.67 meters.Each wheel has electric motors - thus, the concept is completely electric ... According to the developers, the SUV will travel up to 500 kilometers on a single charge on a flat road and half as much on difficult terrain with various natural obstacles.

The Topic of Article: Audi has developed an SUV with drones instead of headlights.
Author: Jake Pinkman