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Today, the news section will feature events that, as usual, are interesting and memorable. Among them: data on testing a flying car; the capabilities of an electric scooter developed by Audi specialists; AR glasses for swimming lovers. We will also discuss the prospects for a solar-powered vehicle built by Hyundai engineers.

The Japanese tested a flying car

Recently, NEC, known for its electronic developments, tested a flying vehicle. This was the prototype of the car, which was able to rise into the air using four rotors.


According to the available information, the device went up to a small height, not exceeding three meters, and stayed on it for about a minute. Now this does not mean anything, it is too early to draw conclusions about the capabilities of the vehicle, the stability of its presence in the airspace. Moreover, there is no data on the technical characteristics of the prototype.

It is known that during the entire test flight, it was connected to the ground by means of a special cable. This was necessary to keep the process safe.

Representatives of NEC made an ambitious announcement that such vehicles will begin transporting goods as early as 2023. They will start carrying passengers from 2030.

German automaker unveils its own scooter

The specialists of the Audi concern have created the e-tron Scooter electric scooter, the sales of which are promised to start next year. It is expected to cost 2,000 euros.


The device is equipped with four wheels, two lights in front and behind, a special handle for the user, providing him with stability in motion. It is equipped with a drum responsible for acceleration and braking. The user can carry out the control process in the same way as it is done on skateboards. At the same time, it is positioned sideways on the scooter, and turns by changing the angle of inclination of the body.

To monitor the charge level, a small display was placed in a convenient place on the handle. There is also a hydraulically operated foot brake.

The manufacturer claims that the device is capable of speeds up to 20 km / h. One charge of its battery will last for 20 kilometers. Product weight is 12 kg.

Goggles for swimmers

Thanks to the efforts of the Canadian company FORM, smart glasses for swimmers were released. They are equipped with a built-in projector that shows the trainee a lot of useful data, including the remaining distance, the duration of the activity and much more.

Currently, athletes and swimming enthusiasts use fitness trackers in the process of training, which give out some data of interest to them. Such as speed, training process time, number of hand strokes, etc.

Access to all statistics becomes possible only after the end of the workout. With FORM glasses all this is possible in real time. The data is always in front of the swimmer's eyes.

Outwardly, the glasses are no different from their usual counterparts. Only one of the sides of the body has a slight bulge. The battery and other elements that ensure the operation of the device are located here. The image is formed using a projector that provides information to one eye of the user.

The autonomy of the device is 16 hours, its operation is possible at a depth of 10 m. The cost of the product is $ 199.

Hyundai builds solar-powered vehicle

Korean carmaker Hyundai has launched sales of its first self-produced vehicle equipped with solar panels. It was the Sonata Hybrid, which, in the presence of sunny weather, is able to recharge its battery with energy by 30-60% of its capacity.

The manufacturer's engineers have calculated that with a six-hour daily recharge, such a car gets an additional 1,300 kilometers per year. The car can be recharged in this way both on the move and while stationary.

For now, Sonata Hybrid will only be sold in South Korea. In the future, it will begin to be offered to buyers living in North America.

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