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The future is coming: the flying car is ready for series production


Pictures from films about the future, with cars rushing along the airways and creating traffic jams at rush hour, are one step closer to reality. The Dutch brand PAL-V has demonstrated its signature flying car, ready for mass production. The debut of the Liberty air car took place at the Geneva Motor Show. The model shown by the company from Holland is universal: the "auto-flight" can drive like a regular car on the roads and then, opening its propeller, take off into the air.

The Liberty has two engines. The first is intended for the usual road movement on the ground, the other is for air flights. On the road, the air car is capable of accelerating up to 160 km / h. Outwardly, the model resembles a gyroplane. To lift the Liberty up, a huge screw is provided in the design, which is folded when traveling on the ground. In flight, the aerocar can reach speeds of up to 180 miles per hour.

The model runs on regular gasoline. The aeromobile was a little ahead of its time, or rather the modern infrastructure of settlements, since the flying Liberty car is already ready for use, and the cities themselves are far from all. Therefore, once they are ready, the manufacturer can launch a marketing strategy to promote their device. The air car can refuel at any gas station, and a standard garage is suitable for parking. The gas tank holds 100 liters, while up to 26 liters are consumed every hour in flight.


PAL-V is not the only manufacturer dedicated to the creation of aerocars. Other companies, including the famous Audi, Airbus, Uber, drew attention to flying cars, but so far all of them can offer only concepts of their vision of cars for airways. The Dutch company, unlike others, showed a working sample, completely ready to fly and having certificates confirming this. You can already fly the Liberty far away from urban space, as the infrastructure of settlements is not yet ready to accept futuristic transport.

In addition to flight safety certifications, the flying car is built according to road safety rules, according to the manufacturer. For takeoff and landing, a small launch pad with a runway is needed. Switching modes from air to normal takes up to 10 minutes.


To drive a "birdie", the owner, in addition to the usual driver's license, will need a gyroplane license. According to the developers themselves, the entire process of learning to control will not exceed 40 training hours, during which you will have to deal with the many buttons and switches on the dashboard of the aerocar.

The company plans to sell the first samples as soon as the Liberty air vehicle finally receives all the necessary permits. This is planned to be done during the current year. A standard sports car assembly will cost around $ 400,000. The company also offers a premium version with improved trim for $ 600,000. The manufacturer plans to release 90 units of a flying car. An environmentally friendly version with an electric motor is not foreseen in the near future. Now the market cannot offer a battery of such capacity that could ensure the smooth operation of such a device.

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Author: Jake Pinkman