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Tesla cars will talk to people


The Tesla will soon be able to speak. Elon Musk announced this on his Twitter page. The new function will provide the electric car with the ability to pronounce certain phrases at the request of the driver. To prove his words, the head of the company shared a video where an electric Tesla Model 3 model communicates with pedestrians, inviting them “not to stand still, but to jump into the car.”

Communication between a car and a person takes place using external speakers, which are also part of the anti-theft and theft protection system. The technical details of the technology that are going to be added to the Tesla electric car, Musk did not disclose. It is known that the new smart option will help drivers to promptly notify of their approach, for example, inattentive pedestrians or other road users without having to press the horn or lower the glass.

Unlike classic cars with internal combustion engines, electric cars have a number of unique features that can be considered their advantages. Thus, an electric car does not pollute the atmosphere and does not make noise. However, the latter circumstance does not always work in favor, therefore, recently, the governments of some European Union countries and the United States began to introduce a rule on the mandatory installation of sound speakers on electric cars to create artificial noise. This is primarily due to the safety of pedestrians, who may not notice a quietly approaching electric car and unsuccessfully run out onto the road.


In accordance with the new laws on the creation of external noise, every Tesla car began to receive external sound speakers. However, Elon Musk's company plans to make the most of the built-in audio system. The entrepreneur said that external speakers will be able to interact with burglar alarms for additional protection of the car.

Officially, a new option has not yet been added to the Tesla electric car, although, according to the head of the company, this will happen in the very near future. The appearance of such a function cannot be called an unexpected move by Elon Musk. The entrepreneur has long thought about creating a taxi service using the autonomous capabilities of his own electric vehicles, many of which can do without drivers. In theory, such a car will need "communication" skills to serve customers.

No exact dates have been set for the service, although Tesla's autonomous taxi is slated to launch in 2020. Customers will be able to call the car via a smartphone, where in a special application they will indicate their arrival and destination points using a map.

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