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Estonian company produces an electric car that can be “hung on the wall”


In the modern world, electric cars do not seem to be unusual. More and more manufacturers are producing electric cars, and a battle for the consumer is already beginning between them. To attract potential buyers, some of them focus on maximum speed, while others - on increasing the battery life. In this regard, Nobe from Estonia has chosen a truly original solution as a competitive advantage. The electric car the company is working on can literally be parked on the wall.

Three-wheeled vehicle

Modern electric vehicles 2019 are mainly characterized by futuristic designs. Against their background, the Nobe 100 electric car stands out with its retro appearance. The Estonian electric car has a certain similarity with European car models of the 70s, which makes it a kind of “black sheep” against the background of competitors.


However, the key design personality is far from retro-style, but the presence of only three wheels instead of the usual four. Such a decision has nothing to do with the desire to surprise with even greater originality of the design, but is associated with technical features, thanks to which the concept can be parked not only on the ground.


Three wheels (each of which has a built-in engine) and a miniature appearance made it possible to reduce the weight of the Nobe 100 as much as possible.According to the manufacturer, the car weighs about 0.6 tons. Depending on the model, the electric car is equipped with a battery from 21 to 25 kWh ... At the same time, the distance without recharging varies from 210 to 260 kilometers.

In addition to everything, the Nobe 100 eco-transport has a certain versatility. According to the manufacturer, instead of buying a new model, an electric car can be upgraded by simply replacing some parts. This applies to both software and technical components. According to the company, the Nobe 100 can be upgraded to accommodate new technologies by replacing an aging battery or other electronics with more modern solutions.

Parking features

The possibility of "wall" parking, of course, distinguishes electric cars from Estonia from all existing analogues. But any wall will not work for this. This requires a certain structure, part of which starts on the ground and then goes to a vertical surface. For the parking procedure, you should drive into a movable mechanism on the ground, which is then redirected along with the electric car to the rails fixed on the wall. The whole process of parking on the wall takes place remotely and also remotely the car can be "removed" from there.


An absolute plus of such an unusual solution is a significant saving of space. Although the "hanging" cars at first will certainly cause surprise. In addition, you will have to think about the filling of the trunk and unnecessary items inside the electric car, because an unusual way of parking will move everything to the lower part of the passenger compartment.

The Nobe 100 is tentatively scheduled to hit the market in early 2021. While its cost is roughly estimated at $ 29,000.

The Topic of Article: Estonian company produces an electric car that can be “hung on the wall”.
Author: Jake Pinkman