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Motorola news: what will be the bendable smartphone and the start of sales of two new models in USA


This manufacturer is known for its mobile products and gadgets. In line with fashion trends, Motorola experts are actively developing to create a device with a flexible screen. This review will talk about some of the results of the work done. We will also discuss two new items, the start of sales of which in the USA Federation was carried out not so long ago.

What will be the external display of a foldable Motorola device

Various leaks and rumors reveal the design of the company's first flexible device. He is predicted to have a "folding" appearance. It is also believed that the device will start selling under the Razr brand.

Huawei, Samsung, as well as a number of other companies, when developing foldable gadgets, focus on technology that allows you to deploy a smartphone. As a result, it turns into a tablet with a screen that is optimal for this size.

The Motorola product won't be like that. When unfolded, it will be a smartphone of regular size. When folded, its size will be greatly reduced. This will save space in your pocket, purse or bag.

Resource XDA Developers reported that the gadget will be equipped with an additional small screen. It will allow you to carry out some manipulations with a smartphone, but there is no need to talk about full-fledged work with its use yet.

Both displays are touch-sensitive, they are likely to interact.

If the unit is folded, it is realistic to use the small display to control the time, date, and other parameters. You can use the quick settings menu.


When you open your smartphone, everything becomes much more interesting. Its small display is on the back. It is used, for example, for touch contact to scroll through web pages. This approach allows you to work with the product without covering some area of the main screen.


The second display is invaluable when taking selfies or making a video call. It acts as a viewfinder.

All this data comes from one source. So far, there is no confirmation of them. Should you trust them completely? Probably not. Another thing is that all the above arguments sound logical and reasonable. After all, Motorola has repeatedly made technological breakthroughs in different directions related to the development of functionality or technologies related to mobile devices.

At least it is worth remembering Active Display, thanks to which it became possible to interact with a smartphone through the lock screen.

Two new smartphones started selling in USA

Before the holiday on March 8, two new smartphones, Moto G7 and Moto G7 Power, began to be sold in our country. They have the same processors, but there are a number of differences in technical equipment.

Among those - the presence of a dual main camera and a large amount of memory on the Moto G7, and the G7 Power has a large battery.

In a conversation with reporters, one of the company's representatives in USA noted that, despite the devices belonging to the middle price segment, their functionality corresponds to premium devices.


The Moto G7 smartphone is equipped with a dual 12 megapixel main camera unit. It supports portrait mode, automatic smile detection technology and integrated Google Lens. The video is recorded in 4K quality.

The Max Vision Display is 6.2 inches diagonally with Full HD + resolution. This allows you to view and edit your footage.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 632 chipset, built on eight cores, is in command. For a 3000 mAh battery, TurboPower fast charging technology is provided.

ImageThe main advantage of the Moto G7 Power is the 5000 mAh battery. It can work autonomously for 60 hours. The above fast charging technology allows you to quickly recharge.

The 6.2-inch Max Vision screen has a 19: 9 aspect ratio. All other technical characteristics are similar to the previous model.


The devices have already started selling on March 7th. They can be purchased in retail chains: M.Video, Eldorado, DNS, Svyaznoy, Euroset, Beeline and Citylink online store.

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