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Two smart cars from Mercedes-Benz and Yandex, two technologies from Bosch and Nissan


Modern cars are high-tech devices that will soon be able to do without a person. An example of this is the Yandex drone that recently rode the roads of Nevada. Let's talk about this event in more detail. We will also discuss the equipment of a smart Mercedes-Benz minivan designed for travel. At the end of the review, we will learn more about Nissan's sound-absorbing material and the Bosch-designed smart canopy.

How a smart drone from USA conquered the US

The CES 2020 exhibition in Las Vegas has ended. She was not left without companies from USA. Yandex brought a self-driving car to the USA, which took part in one of the IT events. During this project, several vehicles traveled a considerable distance in unmanned mode.


Yandex's drones became the first vehicles of this type that traveled along the roads of Nevada. It is worth noting that before the exhibition, they moved along the streets of Las Vegas in the daytime and in the dark, under different climatic conditions. We also tested the car during peak hours and during maximum traffic.

A demo route was created especially for this. Its length was 6.7 km. It included multi-lane sections of the carriageway, unregulated and regulated intersections, difficult turns, dangerous sidings, pedestrian crossings.

Self-driving cars from USA cruised around the city for six days. During this time, they drove about 7000 km, transported over a hundred people who wanted to ride.

The Governor of Michigan Garlin Gilchrist spoke positively about this project. He has shown his interest in the development of unmanned vehicles. Last year, a competition on a similar topic was held in his state, where the Yandex car became one of the winners.

Minivan for travel from Mercedes-Benz

The German company Mercedes-Benz has expanded the range of produced cars with a model with a residential module Marco Polo. The name speaks for itself. This car is for travelers. Some of its functions can now be controlled via a smartphone.


With the help of a special mobile application, it is not difficult to control all areas of the living space. Control of lighting, heating and a number of other functions is also available. For this purpose, it is possible to use a 10.25-inch touch-type display located on the instrument panel. This option is suitable when the smartphone is left at home or its battery is low.

The car is equipped with a proprietary Mercedes-Benz Advanced Control (MBAC) system capable of solving certain tasks. It allows, for example, to control the level of technical and drinking water, to control the sliding roof and the car sound system. There is also optional access to surveillance cameras that have a view of 3600.

The car can comfortably accommodate up to four people. There is a kitchen table, refrigerator, sink, gas stove, bed and several more folding beds.

For lovers of large companies on the road, there is an option with five berths and seven seats.


The owners of such a vehicle can use another application - Mercedes Me Connect. It allows you to perform remote vehicle diagnostics, monitor fuel levels in tanks and tire pressure, track location, receive weather information and control multimedia.

Currently, you can get acquainted with the capabilities of the Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo at the exhibition, which is taking place in Stuttgart. The cost of the car is still unknown.

Bosch has developed a smart sun canopy

According to global statistics, on sunny days the number of accidents increases by 16%. Not all vehicle sun visors are designed to help protect the driver from sun damage and provide a normal view.

Bosch has developed the Virtual Visor. It is a smart panel with a transparent LCD display that is divided into cells. It is able to independently determine those areas that at a certain moment require darkening to ensure the protection of the driver's eyes from light, and activate them.


This way, the rest of the visor remains transparent. It also has a built-in camera that, using artificial intelligence algorithms, determines the location of the shadow. As a result, the minimum required number of cells is used for protection from sunlight.

Nissan announced material with good sound absorption

For noise insulation in modern cars, rubber-based materials are often used. They allow you to damp sound waves in the range from 500 to 1200 Hz. This prevents various noises from entering the cabin.

Nissan engineers have created a meta material with sound absorbing capabilities. Only it weighs much less than other analogues. This product has received the usual porous structure, which allows it to be mass-produced soon.

The company said that developments in this direction have been going on for a long time. The use of such material will lead to a decrease in vehicle weight, a decrease in fuel consumption, and an increase in the mileage. The level of harmful emissions into the atmosphere is also decreasing.

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