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Yandex introduced a smart miniature column with gesture control


The smart column "Yandex" has become available in a new mini-format. The company of the same name showed its version of the compact size. The column with the name "Yandex.Station Mini" is supplemented by the built-in assistant "Alice", but its main feature is support for gesture control.

With gestures, you can adjust the desired volume, stop playback, turn off the alarm. Also, Station Mini allows you to select smart home settings and even create music without using other devices with a movement of your hand.

As a confirmation of its name, "Yandex" - the column turned out to be quite miniature. Its diameter does not exceed 10 cm, its height is only 4.5 cm, and its weight is 170 g. For comparison: the “Station” of the usual format weighs almost 3 kg, and its dimensions are 14 x 14 x 23 cm.

The speaker has four built-in microphones that can be disabled if desired. Also "Station Mini" has a standard 3.5 mm audio port. The gadget is charged using an external source, for which the station has a USB Type-C port.


Music lovers column “Yandex. Station "mini-format may be interested in the possibility of simulating a synthesizer. You can create music with the speaker simply by moving your hands. For this, the gadget has two modes. In the first "light" - option, moving up and down adjusts the volume of sounds, while it is not necessary to touch the station itself.

The second option is much more interesting. This is the so-called synthesizer mode, during which you can wave your hands to create your own music. The principle is simple: the higher the hand, the higher the tonality is taken. At a distance of about 0.6 m from the station, the highest note is taken. In the arsenal of the column there are several dozen instruments, the list of which will be gradually replenished. The gadget reproduces dozens of sounds: from imitation of real instruments to synthetic sounds.


In addition to the synthesizer, the Yandex smart speaker replaces a number of other devices. The station can play the role of a remote control for controlling elements of a "smart" home: light, air conditioning system, household appliances. It can also turn into a timer, alarm clock, radio and audio playback device.

The cost of Yandex.Station Mini at the beginning of the release was estimated at 3,990 rubles , which is cheaper than a standard column, the price of which reaches almost 11,000 rubles.

The Topic of Article: Yandex introduced a smart miniature column with gesture control.
Author: Jake Pinkman