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MacOS Mojave with the latest updates is now available to everyone


A few days ago, Apple brought macOS Mojave to market, loaded with the latest updates.

The operating system of this version has new features and functions. You can now use Dark Mode, Dynamic Desktop, and Stacks. It allows you to quickly clean up your desktop.

MacOS Mojave has improved security features, and it also has the ability to access Apple's News and Home apps.

The Mojave update is on the Mac Store. We will access it through the App Store.

Dynamic Desktop

A small nuance macOS Mojave is the new dynamic desktop. This functionality allows you to make changes to the desktop schedule depending on the time of day.

Supplementing iOS apps for Mac

Shortly before the new software appeared at Apple, it was announced that iPhone developers will be able to use all their innovations on the Mac.

In broad terms, the implementation of this idea will begin next year. However, to stimulate fans and prospective buyers, something will be launched now.

The latest operating system will be powered by iPhone apps such as News, Voice Recorder, and Home.

In addition to earning money here, users will also have access to iCloud, which allows them to record messages in Dictaphone on their iPhone and then see it on Mac.

Dark Mode

This functionality allows you to quickly switch to a darker color scheme. It looks amazing and offers an enhanced viewing experience. This is especially true, for example, while looking at photographs.

Tidying up your desktop

The Stacks application allows you to quickly clean up your desktop by deleting various files. They will be automatically placed on the right side of the screen, gathering into typical groups.

You can set the creation of "stacks" by tags or dates.



Capturing, sending and saving screenshots is now fast. This is facilitated by user-friendly screen control and simplified operation.

The ease of use of the interface when taking screenshots has been made possible by the appearance of buttons related to each type of screenshot. Users accessed the controls by using the Shift-Command-5 keyboard shortcut. The pre-existing keyboard shortcuts for taking screenshots remain too.

Improved Finder

The visual Finder feature has received an update that features a completely new gallery.

In this version, it became possible to view a file thumbnail along with all its metadata. This makes it easier to manage your media assets.

Another program has been supplemented with the "Quick Actions" function. It edits files without opening them. It is also possible to create and protect PDF files with a password.

The Quick Look feature allows you to view files in quick and full size mode. Any image, video or sound clip can be edited without opening the application.


Security and privacy improvements

Apple has always taken security requirements with particular concern. They are now even tougher in macOS Mojave.

In particular, in the Safari application, a number of changes and additions have been made that made it possible to make anti-tracking protection more advanced.

Yabloko analysts claim that all their innovations in this area prevent tracking of "Like" or "Share" buttons on social networks. The same applies to various widgets.

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