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Instagram introduces account verification by passports


Due to the increasing number of hacker attacks on user accounts on social networks, Instagram is introducing a number of innovations that are designed to protect user profiles from cybercriminals. The most important innovation is account verification by passport data.

To verify an Instagram account, a user will need to go to the application settings, write their real name and send a passport photo to confirm their identity. In general, the standard procedure for verifying passport data on the Internet. After all the actions, the user who has verified his identity will receive a small check mark next to the profile.

Anyone who wants to protect their Instagram account as much as possible from intruders should pay attention to another innovation - two-factor authentication. That is, now, for a more secure login to your page on a social network, you can link third-party applications to your account.

The "About this account" function will be introduced, with the help of which you can view detailed information about profiles with a large number of subscribers. For example, now the history of changing account names or place of registration will be in the public domain. Such actions will allow you to easily separate the real pages of media persons from fakes.

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The Topic of Article: Instagram introduces account verification by passports.
Author: Jake Pinkman