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Facebook has done a big cleanup, removing more than 2 billion accounts


The social network has carried out a massive cleanup of user pages - the deletion of a Facebook account in the first quarter of 2019 affected more than 2 billion users. This mainly affected fake pages and spam distributors. In the last quarter of last year, this number turned out to be almost half as much - 1.2 billion.

Representatives of the social resource noted that the number of fake pages on Facebook has increased significantly over the past six months. At the same time, the network moderators were able to recognize a significant part of them within a few minutes after activation. In total, in the first three months of 2019, Facebook has about 2.38 billion monthly active users, so the number of fake accounts might seem overwhelming. The corporation itself explains the sharp rise in fake accounts by the fact that cybercriminals are organizing automated attacks, creating a large number of fakes at one time.

When deleting a fake user's Facebook account, network employees try to figure out a fake at the registration stage, block and then delete already registered accounts. However, Facebook's efforts have not yet yielded 100% results: the company estimates that about 5% of active registered pages are not real.


The social network has repeatedly stated that Facebook accounts are periodically subjected to a "big cleanup" with the removal of fake users, groups and spam pages that do not comply with the resource rules. In addition, Facebook is trying to actively oppose any propaganda in its social projects, especially after the network's management was accused of allowing them to use the site as a tool to influence political events.

In addition to everything, Facebook has prepared statistics for "transparency". According to the report, the network's artificial intelligence system helps to find more than 90% of malicious information in advance, including spam, advertising of illegal goods and various propaganda even before user complaints about them. The machine learning mechanism has not yet learned to fight the propaganda of hatred, terrorism and other statements to the end: it captures only 65% of such content, although this is already 25% more than last year.


In general, the social network, by periodically deleting the Facebook account of fake users, has two goals: to prevent abuse by such pages and to create a field for users to interact with real people. As Mark Zuckerberg notes, his platform has achieved certain results in finding and blocking fake pages, but the head of the company believes that the process can be improved even further.

So, next year Facebook will start producing transparency statistics on a quarterly basis, and the next such report will include information on Instagram.

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Author: Jake Pinkman