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Facebook makes new demands on political advertisers


Facebook has begun to verify the identity of anyone interested in distributing political ads. The company announced this on Monday, April 23, three weeks after pledging to implement a procedure designed to make political content on the platform more transparent. The innovation is also aimed at combating fake pages.

For now, page owners seeking permission to post political advertisements must provide Facebook with their government-issued ID and postal address. Each application is checked manually, after which advertisers are sent a unique access code, which must be entered to complete the procedure. Users are also required to provide information about who is sponsoring the political action, but Facebook representatives do not specify whether this information will be verified.

So far, the new type of authorization concerns US residents, but Facebook plans to expand it globally. Advertisers who want to meet all platform requirements are encouraged to complete the Blueprint training course designed for them.

All of these measures are a continuation of the fight against political disinformation that began before the 2016 presidential elections. As the US authorities said, some foreign agents tried to interfere with government processes by distributing fake news.

In February of this year, Robert Mueller, the US special prosecutor, accused several USA citizens and structures of trying to attract Americans to foreign propaganda against the presidential candidate Clinton in 2016.

Facebook's fight against disinformation has taken to a new level in the aftermath of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, when the consulting firm improperly collected data from over 80 million Facebook users in 2014 and was accused of using that information to aid Trump's presidential campaign. In addition to checking political advertisers, Facebook also checks news facts as part of the fight against fakes, but so far, as representatives of the social network admit, there has been little success in this matter.

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Author: Jake Pinkman