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5 new features on Instagram


Today, over a billion people use the Instagram app for Android and iOS platforms. It is one of the most popular services for sharing news and media content.

There are many new features coming in lately, some inspired by Facebook and some by rival Snapchat.

Many of the new features are just minor additions to the application (for example, new stickers and minor changes to the user interface). But from time to time, Instagram adds some really interesting things. If you become a beta tester of the updated version of Instagram, you will have the opportunity to know about all the innovations before anyone else. Any user of a mobile device can join the beta testing. Once the registration process is complete, updates for the app will arrive more frequently than usual. Please be aware that some of them may be unstable as this is just a beta version of the program.

Stories Archive

As we know, Instagram borrows a bit from Snapchat. In particular, these are disappearing statuses, private messages and images. Another innovation is the ability to archive stories. Thanks to the Stories Archive function, you can save your favorite stories in a separate tab and view them at any time. You no longer need to take a screenshot of an interesting post.

Best Friends List

A similar feature has long been implemented in Facebook. By tagging a person as your close friend, you will be notified of all changes to their account first. Something similar was seen in the beta version of Instagram for iOS. The innovation allows you to share materials with a specific group of people that the user adds to the list of close friends.

Enhanced Communication Capabilities

Previously, if you wanted to share an image or video from Instagram on another social network, you either had to take a screenshot or send a link to the material. In the new version of the application, it is easier to disseminate information. Instagram is adding a Share to WhatsApp option that lets you share media directly without having to take a screenshot or follow a link.

Regram Button

Sharing someone else's post on Instagram is not as easy as on Facebook. First, you need to download the post you like using a third-party application, and then download it again from your account. Instagram is already on track to streamline the process. Testing of the Regram button began at the end of November. It appears under every post in the feed and makes it possible to re-publish your old posts and repost others in one click.

Emoji and hashtags

Like Twitter, which updates its popular hashtag list every day, Instagram is going to implement this feature as well. She was spotted in an iOS update. The search bar of the application now contains the options "Top Emojis" and "Top Hashtags". For active users, this feature will tell you what the latest trends are and will give you the opportunity to promote your account more productively.

Some of the features mentioned in this list have so far been seen only in the iOS version of the app. It is not yet known when they will be added to the stable version and when they will appear in Android. If you are already lucky enough to notice them, it means that the beta test was considered successful and the feature has reached an official update.

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Author: Jake Pinkman