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Telegram. How to set your privacy settings

It is common for everyone to worry about the safety of their data. Users of the popular Telegram messenger are no exception. Let's take a closer look at how to activate and deactivate privacy settings in the official service application

How to set privacy settings in Telegram

In order to edit the privacy of his profile, a Telegram user must go to the " Settings " menu and then select the " Privacy and Security " tab. Here you can check out some of the features that will make your profile more secure.

Photo Privacy Settings

These include:

  • editing the blacklist (blocking users from the contact list by phone number);
  • information about the latest network activity (editing the list of users who can track your online status);
  • setting one more password for the account, two-step protection;
  • timer for self-destruction of the account. If no one uses it after a certain period of time, the account will be deleted, all data on the correspondence will be erased.

How to hide number in Telegram

Unfortunately, there is no such function in the program settings.

By the way, there is practically no need for it, because if you are in contact with a friend who found you by phone number, he already knows it, and if you were found through a general search, the phone number is not displayed.

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