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Everything You Need to Know About Mordhau: A Beginner's Guide


Do you remember Chivalry Medieval Warfare? Yes, it was a cool game. And how much time has passed since the release? WHAT!? 7 years! Well, time does not spare anyone. Even such a good game about the battles of medieval knights. Fortunately, today we have a new spiritual heir to this game Mordhau. As the game grows in popularity, Polygon has released a beginner's guide to Mordhau. We've translated it for you so you know how to play Mordhau.

A little context

The gameplay is quite similar to what we saw in Chivalry Medieval Warfare: 64-man close combat from two teams in a medieval setting and an emphasis on believable physics.

In fact, before Mordhau and even Chivalry, there were many attempts to make a competent medieval multiplayer [singles like Kingdom Come Deliverance do not count], but in most cases all these attempts failed and collisions with huge swords, spears and spiked clubs were more like butterfly sex than a full-fledged medieval scuffle with lots of blood.


Mordhau, as Polygon writes, correctly understands medieval combat at the expense of physics. In it, each object constantly collides with other objects: players with players, swords with swords. Due to this, in the game, all collisions constantly occur according to a different scenario. You can tactically go in two lines at the enemy, or, as in the "Battle of the Bastards" from Game of Thrones, run from all sides into one big meat grinder together with the enemy.

By the way, tactics play an important role in Mordhau. Waving the sword thoughtlessly is a bad idea, because the game has a friendly fire. Each batch must be approached wisely, choosing how to attack. A journalist from Polygon calls each fight a barely controlled chaos, and it's a miracle that the game's network code can handle this without crashing.


Interesting events can always unfold on the battlefield. You can, for example, face on a bridge with an enemy who is armed with a spear, and you are armed with a shield and a short sword. The shield can protect most of the body from his powerful attacks, but leaves the legs open; the size of the sword does not allow reaching the enemy. Thus, the battle turns into an elegant dance, where you try to calculate the attacks of your opponent and defeat him.

Another scenario, to protect a certain territory, you can place shields in the passages that will act as an obstacle, leaving a small distance for the enemy between one shield and the wall. So, you force the enemy to go where you want and attack him with the whole team. By the way, this tactic was developed by the players. Another plus of Mordhau is that you are free to explore the world and create your own combat strategies.

Mordhau Guide

Let's go directly to the tips from Polygon.

For starters, do not be intimidated by the scale that is in the training of the game. It is not recommended to skip it for the reason that for its passage they give in-game currency. In fencing, the game goes much deeper than: "several directions for a chopping attack, a pair for a thrust and a block." You can create whole combinations and ligaments from them. For example, a "riposte" is a counterattack after you have successfully repulsed an opponent's blow with your shield and knocked him off balance.


The best practice is to learn these things.

Practice Horde

For new players, there are three [there are six of them in the game] the most suitable modes:

  • Frontline - PvP between two teams of 32 each.
  • Horde - PvE, a multi-person team faces 21 waves of AI-controlled enemies.
  • Battle Royal - and where without it. This is a classic battle royale mechanic where you collect weapons and items and fight in PvP until one player is left.


The best way to learn the game is in Horde. There you will get used to the basic controls, combat, and existing tactics to help you survive the game. In this mode, the number of enemies in the wave rises rapidly and easily reaches 60 people. Despite their numbers, their actions are easier to predict, so these dummies are easier to hone techniques.

You start playing empty-handed and pick up weapons scattered around the map. You will have access to every weapon that is in the game. Since you have just started to study gameplay, it will be useful for you to experiment with all its types and find the best option for yourself. After each match, you are given gold.

Play to the best of your weapon

Combat in Mordhau depends on which weapon the players are fighting with. All killing tools in the game can be characterized by two characteristics:

  • Speed - how fast your weapon moves and how long it takes you to swing and strike.
  • Radius - the range your weapon can strike


It is logical that a weapon with a longer range has a lower speed. Short weapons are faster, but you don't really swing them far. You must choose which weapon is more convenient for you to fight. Do you prefer to be a kind of slow juggernaut with a two-handed sword, or it is more convenient for you to run with a blade and carry out melee quick attacks. After choosing, it is worthwhile to fight with opponents who are your complete opposite for a while in order to know how to interact with them.

Learn to parry attacks

Mordhau is a pretty tricky game in terms of movement and attacks to learn. Each blow is best used in one case or another, but parrying is the most versatile technique that will always come in handy.

By default, you can parry the attack with the right mouse button. For a start, it is worth learning to choose the moment for this, since the block is short-term and the wrong moment will lead to the fact that you will be chopped.


If you manage to repel the attack, then the enemy will not be stunned for a long time and you are able to counterattack him. If the enemy is fast enough, he will also be able to repel your attack. Therefore, often the battle, as in real life, looks like one continuous parry, where the loss is for those who did not have time to cover themselves.

Kick that foolishness!

Kicking is a very good and dangerous thing. Firstly, this blow cannot be blocked and it always deals damage. If you are facing opponents who have a shield, the best option is to stab him and then attack, as he will be stunned. Secondly, it's a great way to interrupt the fight and leave for other business.


However, there are a couple of points. Striking your leg in length is equal to your sword, so you have to constantly approach the enemy to strike. Also, if you decide to kick him during an attack, when his sword is already flying at you, then there is a high probability that your leg will simply be chopped off.

This was a guide to playing Mordhau.

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