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TOP 10 - Best Games about the Middle Ages


Kingdom Come Deliverance has become a real gift for all fans of realistic games in the setting of the Middle Ages: no elves, dragons, magic, only real hardcore and a plot based on real historical facts.

You can read about the historical facts that formed the basis of Kingdom Come Deliverance in a separate article.

We hope that the success of Kingdom Come Deliverance will give rise to a new fashion for projects in a similar setting, but for now we have collected for you the TOP 10 games about the realistic Middle Ages.

For Honor

For Honor is a fun multiplayer experiment from Ubisoft. The developers spied on the combat system from Kingdom Come Deliverance and based on it they created a whole game, where, in addition to multiplayer battles, a story campaign is still available. The plot of the game is far from realism and is designed only to bring together the most famous medieval warriors: knights, Vikings and samurai on one battlefield. The value of the game lies in the opportunity to fight with your friends using melee weapons in duels where the characteristics of the equipment matter less than the agility and cunning of the gamer.

Crusader Kings 2

If Kingdom Come Deliverance can be called a slave simulator, then Crusader Kings 2 is already a monarch simulator, where you need to rule a medieval state. You can lead a state to the Golden Age, make it a diplomatic center of Europe or a tyrant country that ruthlessly conquers neighboring states. Keep in mind that in this strategy, a minimum of time is devoted to a combat battle, or more precisely, practically no time at all. This is not Total War, there is no tactical mode here either, only strategic, where all battles take place in the background.

Age of Empires 2 HD

We present to your attention the real classics and the oldest game in our Top 10 best games about the Middle Ages. The game was published in 1999 and received an HD remake in 2013, which brought the resolution up to modern standards. If you are not deterred by the archaic appearance of the game, then dozens of exciting hours of medieval strategy are guaranteed. Together with all the add-ons, the gamer will be able to control one of the 27 factions to lead it to success and destroy the foe.

Assassins Creed

Today it is probably impossible to find a gamer who does not know about the Assassins Creed series of games. The Assassins have already visited America and France, captured by the revolution, in Renaissance Italy and even in Egypt, but the first part of the game was in the setting of a realistic Middle Ages. A completely adequate story about the Templars, the third crusade and the opportunity to see with your own eyes a detailed recreation of medieval Acre, Jerusalem and Damascus is a good reason to play Assassin again.

Anno 1404

Continuation of the popular series of city-building simulators, where you will need to develop a medieval state, as well as participate in sea and land battles. Much attention in the game is paid to the construction of monumental buildings like the imperial palace, which pushes the player to constantly develop trade and explore new lands. To successfully develop the state, you will have to colonize neighboring islands and gain access to new resources. We recommend downloading Anno 1404 with the Venice add-on, where a multiplayer mode has appeared in which you can show your friend who the real dad is in the Middle Ages.

Chivalry Medieval Warfare

A good tactical action game that, thanks to the dynamics, can be called Call Of Duty from the world of the Middle Ages. The game will equally appeal to both fans to chop whatever they get and use their brain to a minimum, and to gamers who are accustomed to gaining victory through tactical maneuvers. In Chivalry Medieval Warfare, players are divided into two teams, which must either defend or destroy the target to win - everything is extremely simple, but fun.

Lionheart Kings Crusade

In the game you will have to try on the mantle of the English king and, in the person of Richard the Lionheart, conduct a series of crusades against the Arab states. Lionheart King's Crusade provides the player with a very unusual concept of a story company, where you need to complete quests from several crusader blocks: the Roman Empire, the Papacy, France and the Templars. Often, different factions set opposite tasks and it will not be possible to please everyone, which motivates you to replay the game.


Another iconic strategy game in which the game takes place in the era of the Crusades. The strategy was at one time highly appreciated by game critics, had unique mechanics and sold well, while being interesting to play even by modern standards. In the game Stronghold, you will have to pay great attention to the development of your own settlement: monitor the mood of the people, develop manufactories, build places for leisure, or even equip torture houses to make lazy peasants work.

Medieval II Total War

Yes, we understand how you feel, this is another game in our TOP-10 strategy game, but what a game! At its core, the Total War series is the ancestor of all large-scale strategy games along with Civilization. Therefore, if you want to see the highest quality and deepest game that combines the development of the state on the global map and tactical battles in real time, then Medieval II is your choice. More than 2 dozen different factions are available in the game, which are radically different from each other, including the opportunity to play for USA.

Mount and Blade

We conclude our TOP with a cult and unique game - Mount and Blade. The project of TaleWorlds company is difficult to classify as any one genre, as it has elements of third-person action, RPG and strategy in the same proportions. The game does not have a plot as such, only an open sandbox. You are free to do whatever your heart desires: hire recruits and go rob a neighboring village, level up your character, collect quests in a local tavern, become a friend of an influential monarch, or, on the contrary, become a local king yourself.

All the games presented in the collection, as befits a realistic medieval setting, are complex, dark and cruel. If you are interested in something simpler and with humor, we recommend that you check out our TOP of stoned games .

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