System Shock gameplay, a remake of the Konami classic, another hint of Borderlands 3 - this week's game news digest from Cadelta. Part two (Topic)

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System Shock gameplay, a remake of the Konami classic, another hint of Borderlands 3 - this week's game news digest from Cadelta. Part two


We'll also tell you about the new trailer for the last season of The Walking Dead, the spiritual successor to Hitman with a goose in the lead role, and some cool new exclusives from Epic Games.

20 minutes of System Shock remake gameplay

Hardly had the avid fans rejoice at the news of System Shock 3, as the developer rolled out 20 minutes of gameplay for the remake of the first part of the series from Nightdive Studios. And while we were all happy, the journalist with PC Gamer managed to try out the remake and share his impressions.

He managed to play the game at GDC 2019 for only half an hour, so these conclusions should not be applied to the final product, however, to subdue our interest for a while, it will do.

The journalist notes that the game fits into the series on all fronts. It feels like the original, but with mouse support and jumping ability, and a simplified interface. The graphics are in a retro style: sharp corners, square corridors, light bulbs and large buttons - everything is as in the original. Although the remake is still six months away, the game is well optimized, and later new decorations will be added to it that will help you better navigate in space.

But the PC Gamer employee is disappointed with the enemies. Now they can only slowly drag forward, groan and hit sickly. It is planned to introduce 20 different enemies into the game, which will combine attacks and fighting styles, so the player will have to use different weapons and approaches to opponents. In this, the authors are guided by the latest DOOM combat.

The developers have assured that the remake has all the basic elements, so there should be no problems with the release next year. They also say they would like to work on Monolith's No One Lives Forever spy series and Westwood Studios' Blade Runner adventure game in the future.

Konami will release remakes of Contra, Castelvania and other arcades in celebration of 50th anniversary

In honor of its anniversary, the studio is preparing to release three sets of its classic games on modern platforms, which is good news! Each of the three kits will cost $ 19.99 and boast saves and graphics filters. Each kit will contain a set of additional development materials. And now about the content itself.


The first Arcade Classics Anniversary Collection will be released on April 18th and contains:

  • Haunted Castle,
  • Typhoon (A-Jax),
  • Nemesis (Gradius),
  • Vulcan Venture (Gradius II)
  • Life Force (Salamander),
  • Thunder Cross,
  • Scramble,
  • TwinBee.


The Castlevania Anniversary Collection awaits us in the summer, and the studio plans to release several more sets of games from this series in the future. The Anniversary Collection includes:

  • Castlevania,
  • Castlevania II Belmont's Revenge,
  • Castlevania III Dracula's Curse,
  • Super Castlevania IV,
  • four more unnamed projects


And a little later the Contra Anniversary Collection will appear:

  • Contra,
  • Super Contra,
  • Super C,
  • Contra III The Alien Wars,
  • four more unnamed games

Bundles will be released on Steam and on PS4, XOne and Nintendo Switch.

Gearbox hints at Borderlands 3 again. This time it's a card game

The train with teasers of Gearbox projects to be announced at PAX East continues to rush and keep pace.


We joked a lot about card games in due time and apparently the studio decided that it would be very funny if they actually do CCG. In a recent tweet, the company posted an image of a playing card with Claptrap on its back and a box with a whole set of cards in the background. Recall that the studio has already posted:

  • Potential Borderlands 3 Teaser
  • a sci-fi cartoon style game
  • Borderlands 2 reissue hint
  • dark red ampersand (& sign) on a black background
  • a screenshot from the Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition playable as Duke Nukem

Take Us Back - The Walking Dead: Final Season Last Episode Trailer

Clementine's long story will soon come to an end. The developers from Skybound Games are reminding us of this by releasing a new trailer. An episode titled "Take Us Back" will end a story that began back in 2012 with the release of the very first game.

The Walking Dead: Final Season ends on March 26 on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Recall that at one time the game after the death of Telltale Games helped to save Epic Games, so the last episode will be released exclusively in their store.

Heavy Rain, Detroit Became Human, The Outer Worlds are all now Epic Games Store exclusives

And here you are sitting and thinking, what else can Tim Sweeney surprise us with? That's all, we believe - a cool store at your studio, very cool, well done. And then bang! We get the following list of exclusives:

  • The Outer Worlds
  • Detroit: Become Human
  • Heavy Rain,
  • Beyond: Two Souls
  • Control
  • Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey
  • The Sinking City

Exclusivity, we recall, lasts a year, but my God, how do they do it? Projects from Quantic Dream on PC, Karl!

By the way, angry comments from gamers have already begun to pour on Obsidian, they say, we idolize you here, and you also soaped yourself up to epics? Many gamers in the comments under the studio's tweets write that they will not buy the game.

In addition, Epic Games recently reported that Metro Exodus sales exceeded Last Light sales in the same period on Steam.

The impudent goose simulator as a spiritual continuation of Hitman - 23 minutes of gameplay Untitled Goose Game

Do you think I'm joking when comparing the game about the goose with the Hitman? No really. The House House team came to visit GameSpot and showed more than 20 minutes of gameplay of their game called Untitled Goose Game.

The bird can jump, cackle, run, flap its wings and spoil the life of others, because it so wants. The gameplay is very much like the sandbox from Hitman. There is a level that many people inhabit. The goose has a task: to steal the keys from the gardener, or take glasses from the NPC and the like. To complete the task, you need to study human behavior and effectively use the environment and stealth, you get the idea.

The idea came to them in a cosmic way. The developers saw a cool picture of a goose and started jokingly discussing what a funny game it would be if the main character was a goose. In general, enjoy the result.

This was all the important and comic news for the weekend. If you haven't seen our first digest with news about Half Life and the largest collection of the game, we invite you to read it.

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