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CADELTA gaming news digest for the second week of October, part one


Today's gaming news will tell you about a science fiction writer love for CDPR, System Shock, The Walking Dead finale, more details about RDR 2 and much more.

Shadow of Tomb Raider will get DLC

The Forge will be released on November 13th. In it, Lara will go to explore the forge of the fallen gods, which is filled with lava. There she will have to stop a threat that has long been considered dormant. To paraphrase - we are waiting for a new tomb with trials, which can be completed both in single player mode and in co-op. And yes, a new costemization is included.

Brandon Sanderson wants to give the rights to his works to CDPR

Recall that at the moment Andrzej Sapkowski is trying to sue CDPR for $ 16 million (you can read in detail in our last digest). At the same time, another well-known science fiction writer, Brandon Sanderson, creator of the Mist Born series and Burisvet Archive, made a statement that he wanted to transfer the rights to his works to CD Project Red for free.

Brandon himself confessed his love to the developers from Poland, as they were able to make the best fantasy video game series of all. And that the overall cultural influence that the company's games have is far more valuable than the money. The developers have not yet responded to such a statement.

System Shock remake has a release date

The developers have been remaking the game for a long time, and many gamers have supported them with hard cash. However, at one point, they shut down the development and promised to rethink it and start it later. And so they finally did it and released a video of an early version of System Shock: Adventure alpha. We were also told that the game will be released in 2020.

Developers Found for The Walking Dead Series Finale

Skybound Games took over this task. The final episodes of the series will be co-created with the people who "sawed" the original episode. It is noteworthy that the company belongs to Robert Kirkman - the creator of the comic strip about The Walking Dead. This could mean that despite the current situation, the last episodes of the game may end on a high note.

New Hero SoulCaliburIV Revealed

The Wizard Lizard character differs in many respects from others, it can be said cardinally, since it was created according to the suggestions of community users who voted in the built-in character editor. As a result, we have a hefty wizard lizard with cat ears, devil horns, dragon wings - strange but graceful. It will be playable on October 19 when the fighting game is released.

New dialogue details in RDR 2

Not only do we already know about Rockstar's great love for the little things, as they decided to remind us of it once again. As it turned out, the game world adapts to the settings of your interface. That is, if you have a disabled map, the characters will explain to you in as much detail as possible where to go, describing the route in more detail. Everything so that we plunge into the world of the wild west as deeply as possible.

In addition, information was received about the presence of Indians in the game, about crafting equipment and supplies only with special resources. Let us remind you that very little is left before the entrance on October 26.

Appeal to the main character of RDR 2 from the main character of Call of Juarez: Gunslinger

Our game digest continues with news from the wild west. The developer of the game Call of Juarez has published a video called: "Calling Arthur Morgan." In it, the hero of the last Call of Juarez: Gunslinger, Silez Greaves, tells against the backdrop of the landscapes of Western America that Arthur will definitely become a legend, but he must remember that legends do not die, but return, becoming even stronger.

We may have gotten a bold hint that the developer is up to a sequel to the Call of Juarez series. No wonder he got back the publishing rights for the game this spring?

Evolvation Story

More recently, the unremarkable space simulator Evolvation has gotten into an interesting story. Daily online games were gaining at most 2-3 people who hardly even met on the map. To attract users, the developers began to distribute several thousand keys for the game. As it turned out, some tricksters began to sell them to ignorant people, without giving anything to the creators. When the game makers found out, they began to ban people as a punishment, and as a result, they banned the players who bought their product in incentive ...

Negative reviews started pouring into the heads of the creators, and they made the project free. Bottom line: the information spread so quickly that on the first day there were 172 thousand players on the servers ... The servers crashed, but the game developers were able to fix it. Now they are hoping that after a while, when they make the game paid, one of the users will buy it.

Observation - new game from Devolver Digital

In this sci-fi thriller, we have to control the artificial intelligence on the space station, and help the girl stuck on it to survive. To do this, we will monitor her using cameras and control the station's mechanisms. We will be able to play on PS4 and PC next year.

If you haven't seen last week's gaming news, they'll be waiting for you in the last digest.

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