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MGM will find evidence from the past

Image Film company Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer intends to invite viewers to the near future, in which law enforcement officials will have the opportunity to witness the events of bygone days. Deadline reports that one of the oldest Hollywood studios has acquired the rights to film the science fiction detective Brandon Sanderson Snapshot .

Sanderson's novel is currently being prepared for publication. According to the author himself, his work will resemble the cult thriller "Seven" and the works of the famous science fiction writer Philip K. Dick.

The main character of the book will be the detective Anthony Davis , who works in a special police department, which investigates crimes using a unique technology to recreate the past. Davis 's work is not nearly as exciting as it might seem at first glance. Usually he relives the events of the past to once again inspect the crime scene or ascertain the alibi of the suspects, but one day checking one hopeless lead will allow him to make a truly terrifying discovery ...


MGM will partner with Broken Road Productions and Entertainment 360 on the film.

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Author: Jake Pinkman