Dualsense demo, TLoU 2 ending was supposed to be darker, Odyssey originally had one character - game news digest # 4.07. Part one (Topic)

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Dualsense demo, TLoU 2 ending was supposed to be darker, Odyssey originally had one character - game news digest # 4.07. Part one


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PlayStation Demo PlayStation 5 Dualsense

At the end of last week, Jeff Keely was able to get his hands on a Dualsense controller for the PlayStation 5 and together with the PlayStation hosted a broadcast dedicated to its functions. We tested the capabilities of Dualsense on Astro's Playroom - an arcade game that will be installed by default on all PS5s.

Earlier, we wrote about the features of the new gamepad, but here again its main advantages, mentioned in the demo:

  • Tactile feedback - according to the creators, dualsense is able to recreate in your hands the sensation of an object in a game. For example, convey the sensation of what surface the car is driving on in a race.
  • Responsive Triggers - create resistance during play and regulate player actions. The most obvious example is when you pull the bowstring, the hammer will become tight. Also, by clicking on it to a certain extent, the character can perform different actions.
  • Gamepad produces better sound quality than previous model.

We will be able to test the capabilities of the gamepad later this year when the console goes on sale.

The Last of Us 2 had a darker ending

The plot of The Last of Us 2 was very controversial, and most importantly - cruel and dark. However, it became known that its original version was much darker than the one we have. This was revealed for Game informer by game writer Neil Druckmann and lead storytelling Holly Gros.

This news contains critical spoilers for the game.

In the original ending, Ellie and Abby face off in battle, but eventually let go of each other and disperse. But initially, the developers stuck with the idea that Abby should die at the hands of Ellie in the end. According to Drukmenn, they considered many script changes, but the ending with the death of the second heroine of the game remained unchanged. The situation was influenced by the children she looked after - Yara and Lev. After it was decided to keep Leo alive, this decision became a powerful argument in order to change the fate of Abby in the script.


Druckmann also says that the moment when Ellie decides to save Abby's life is symbolic, since it shows that there is still humanity inside her, instilled in her by Joel, which is hidden behind a thirst for revenge.

"Cassandra from AS: Odyssey was the only character, but the management wanted to see a male hero" - Update on the unhealthy atmosphere at Ubisoft.

A scandal erupted around Ubisoft this summer. Every now and then in the studio there were showdowns on the topic of toxic atmosphere and sexual harassment. Bloomberg employee Jason Schreyer reveals new interesting facts from the life of the studio top in his article.

For example, studio staff said that former Ubisoft creative director Serge Ascoe held meetings and meetings in strip clubs, made toxic comments and jokes, and also treated subordinates to cannabis cupcakes and talked about their contents after the fact.

The leadership's worldview could not but reflect on the female characters, towards whom marketers and Askoe himself were biased. They promoted the idea that female characters were harder to sell.

For this reason, Syndicate cut Evie's screen time in favor of her brother Jacob. Origins also planned for Bayek to die early in the game and Aya to take his place, but the management rejected the idea.

A similar thing happened during the creation of Odyssey. Initially, Cassandra was the only character in the game, but the management insisted on adding a man to the game. This is how Alexios was born.

After a major restructuring, Askoe himself was fired from Ubisoft, as well as Maxim Belan, who was vice president of the editorial department. Yves Guillemot, the head of Ubisoft, said that the studio now has a platform where you can complain about violations within the company.

The sequel to FFVII Remake is in active production

Japanese magazine Famitsu spoke with the people responsible for making the FFVII Remake. As the head of development, Yoshinori Kitase, told them, the new story of FF is just beginning.


According to him, they want to release the next part as soon as possible and hope to surpass themselves, so that the sequel will give players much more vivid emotions. Also, with the release of the new part, they will be able to mark a new path for the series and its remakes.

The remake of FF VII is divided into several large parts and the developers themselves admitted that they still do not know how many there will be. It is also worth clarifying that several spin-offs have been released for the original game, which may also receive their remakes.

Henry Cavill streamed the build of his powerful new PC

Superman and aka Geralt of Rivia according to Netflix Henry Cavill is a fan of games. As he himself admits, he loves the Total War series, WOW and The Witcher [what a surprise]. And most importantly, Cavill PC is a boyar, and he recently broadcast an assembly of his brand new PC.

The actor admitted that this was his first experience in assembling a computer and that he had previously used outside help.

On Instagram, the video went viral and got 2.5 million views in the first day. Even the official accounts of NVIDIA, AUSU, AMD and Logitech came in the comments.

Users jokingly call Cavill's assembly of a computer a new kind of eroticism.

17 minutes of gameplay

Shadow Warrior 3Shadow Warrior 3 will be released only next year, but the developer and publisher are in a hurry to please us with a new gameplay excerpt lasting 17 minutes now.

Recall that the game tells how Low Wang and his partner Orochi Zillo catch an ancient dragon, which they themselves set free. In the gameplay, the developers want to combine the fast dynamics of meat shooters and parkour.

AC: Valhalla Main Character Trailer

Ubisoft released a trailer dedicated to the protagonist of the next part of Assassin's Creed - Eyvor.

Recall that, unlike the previous part in the game, you can play as a woman or a man, switching the gender of the character at any time. So far, everything is going so that Eivor is the same character, but it is not clear what gender he was. However, there are rumors that they are teski and are actually two different characters. But this is still unknown.

We will be able to find out exactly how this happened on November 17, when the game is released.

These were all important news from the beginning of the week, stay with us.

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