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PS5 DualSense, Free Google Stadia Pro Subscription, More RE8 Rumors - Gaming News Digest # 2.04. Part two


Also in the digest: Borderlands 3 on guard for science, the success of new products on Steam, Hokko Life is an alternative to Animal Crossing on PC.

Sony Unveils DualSense Controller for PS5

Little by little Sony presents us with their new console, and they started with the controller - DualSense. SIE CEO James Ryan spoke about it in detail in the PS blog.

In general, we can say that DualSense left all the features of Dualshock 4 that players loved, supplemented it with new features and redesigned it. The controller is now more like an Xbox gamepad. New controller versions have already begun to be sent to developers so that they can introduce new features into their games.


Among them, as mentioned earlier, are adaptive triggers, which are designed to better convey a sense of control and create resistance. So, when you draw the bow in play, the trigger will recreate the feeling of the bowstring being pulled.


The design of the gamepad is more ergonomic, the battery has been improved, and the weight has been reduced as much as they can afford. Several microphones are built into it to communicate calmly. However, we are still told that it is better to use a headset for long conversations.

The Share button has changed to Create and now you can use it to create, quote: "epic content" and then share it. We'll be told about it later.


We will learn more about the controller and the console in the next couple of months. The PS5 itself is due out later this year.

Google gives two months free Stadia Pro game subscription

Another lordly fit during quarantine, but now from Google. For the next two days, you can subscribe to a free two-month subscription to Stadia Pro.

Alas, there are no CIS countries there. Residents of 14 countries can subscribe for free, and they will receive 9 free games for this. The rest of the entertainment can be bought at the store. Those who already have a subscription will not be charged for it for the next two months.


In order for the servers to withstand such a quarantine measure and additional load, the resolution of all games will be reduced to 1080p. Google assures that most users won't notice any difference. They also report that in quarantine mode, the information department is not fully operational, and for general questions it is better to contact the automatic service center.

Resident Evil Village: More New Rumors About The Next Resident Evil

Following the previous news about RE8, literally the next day, new insights from Biohazard Declassified appeared, which refer to their sources.

Following them, the next name of the game, at least working, is Resident Evil Village. This confirms the old information that the game will have some kind of abstruse name, since the word Village has a hidden Latin number VIII.


Chris Redfield will definitely be in the plot, but his exact role is unknown. So far, it seems that he will act out the antagonist. According to Biohazard Declassified, Chris broke into Ethan's house and killed some of his family members. Plus his design has been redesigned as he didn't look much like himself in the last game.

There will definitely be a witch in the game and she controls insects, and after she dies, she will crumble into a bunch of bugs.

According to the latest information, Capcom is also testing a new kind of inventory. All Biohazard Declassified information was confirmed by AestheticGamer aka Dusk Golem.

Borderlands Science is a Borderlands 3 mini-game designed to help scientists research

Borderlands 3 introduces the Borderlands Science minigame, which will help scientists organize and identify oversights in microbial DNA analysis.

In the announcement video, Mayim Bialik [Amy Farah Fowler of Big Bang Theory] reveals that the human body contains 57% of foreign organisms. These organisms are dangerous and can cause all sorts of diseases and disorders. What side is Borderlands? Borderlands Science will help scientists organize them.

The fact is that many microbes have similar DNA strands, therefore, during computer analysis, errors and inaccuracies often occur, which complicates processing with a computer. In Borderlands Science, players will organize chunks of data and find inaccuracies.

Externally, Borderlands Science resembles casual entertainment in the spirit of "three in a row", where gamers sort cells of the same color in rows. Sometimes you will not be able to arrange the cells correctly, but this is okay.

This collaboration will help scientists create a catalog of microbes that can be used in new discoveries in the field of medicine, healthy eating and more. For the work done, you will receive in-game currency to enhance your characters.

The Borderlands Science Vending Machine can be found in Hideout 3.

Successful new games on Steam increase every year

Valve announced that the amount of revenue from new games on their site is increasing every year.


So, the amount of successful games in the company is growing every year, and the success of one game in two weeks after release is estimated at 10,000 dollars. The total number of such games increased by 18% from 2018 to 2019, and the total share of such titles increased by 11%. What's more, the most successful games with $ 10,000 in revenue in two weeks generate $ 20,000 to $ 60,000 in net profit per year.


Steam links this directly to the development of the store and the introduction of features such as Greenlight and Steam Direct to help the site release more games.

Hokko Life: An Alternative to Animal Crossing for PC Boyars by Team17

If you are one of those who want to appreciate the beast called Animal Crossing, but you are not going to buy for the sake of this Nintendo Switch, for you there is the Hokko Life project from the Wonderscope Games studio. It became known this week that Team17 will publish the game.

In the game, you must help the animals create a "candy" from their city. You will be engaged in construction, interior design, tailoring, flower and vegetable growing, resource gathering and fishing.

The emphasis in the game will be on creativity, so you are provided with a deep editor. The project will have to leave this year on Steam. There are no exact dates.

That was all the big news at the end of the week. Keep calm and keep playing and we'll see you next week ... in the next digests ...

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