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What are you? TOP 10 weirdest and weirdest game controllers in history


Game controllers ranging from wheel-operated Paddle devices to the up-and-coming Dualsense controller for Playstation 5 have undergone many design and functional changes over the past fifty years. However, the essence of game controllers remains the same: to provide players with a stylish and at the same time convenient tool for interacting with the virtual world. It seems the formula is obvious, but in an attempt to stand out from the competition and offer a new gaming experience, rather strange and, frankly, ridiculous controllers were born. We will dwell on ten of the most unusual of them today.

10. Dragon Quest Slime Controller

Top 10 weirdest and weirdest game controllers in history

Based on popular series, publishers often release a line of related products to the delight of fans: from painted mugs to limited consoles with an original print. In the case of Dragon Quest, the publisher Square Enix decided to go beyond standard solutions and presented a rather controversial gamepad in the form of a Slime character. Perhaps, in the nomination "The most touching gamepad in history" Dragon Quest Slime Controller will be able to take one of the first places, but as a gaming device on an ongoing basis, he did not receive success. The convex rounded shape of the controller turned out to be far from the best choice in terms of ergonomics.

9. Fire Dragon USB Controller

Top 10 weirdest and weirdest game controllers in history

The line between genius and insanity is so thin that we find it difficult to classify the controller in the form of a fiery dragon in any one category. As pretentious and detailed as possible, his appearance seems to be screaming to be put on a geek shelf next to rare Han Solo models from Star Wars and never got out in the future. Glowing LEDs in the eyes and mouth, as well as a detachable tail that does not have any functions, add to the effect of the gamepad. Why is it needed? Well, what a question, with it the gamepad becomes even more effective!

8. Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw

Top 10 weirdest and weirdest game controllers in history

Chainsaws, along with the rural scenery of Spain and the Las Plagas virus, have become integral features of Resident Evil 4, which is still often called the best game in the series in fan communities. Of course, Capcom cannot offer a piece of Spain or an ampoule with a virus to the fans of the game, but for especially loyal collectors there is a gamepad in the shape of the very chainsaw, which the mutants tried with all their might to cut off Leon's head. As expected - the chainsaw is full of blood stains. As a find for collectors, the "branded" chainsaw feels great, but as a gamepad as a whole, it does not hold up to criticism due to its gigantic size and awkward key layout.

7. Katana: The Soul Controller

Top 10 weirdest and weirdest game controllers in history

A controller in the form of a katana, created specifically for the samurai action game Onimusha 3: Demon Siege in 2004 - you must admit, sounds like a very good combination. And in general, the gamepad provided the functions that you expect from something that looks like a samurai sword - it allowed you to chop computer foes into pieces with the help of light waves of the hand with the controller. In theory, almost everything is ideal, except for the location of the buttons on the body of the device, with the help of which you can conveniently control the character in the game only if you have an extra hand in reserve.

6. Power Glove

For Nintendo consoles, there were so many breakthrough in concept and at the same time unsuccessful controllers that only ten positions in the top would not be enough for them. But among the many failures, the most offensive is the Power Glove for the NES console. For the 80s, the idea was really bold - the ability to use gestures to control a video game, while putting on a futuristic glove, like a hero of science fiction films. Is there anything else to dream of? There is, at least, about the not so clumsy ability to read hand movements and the absence of the need to place special sensors near the TV. Sadly, the implementation of the technology for testing turned out to be so unsuccessful that the startup soon went to the dustbin of history.

5. Roll & Rocker

Top 10 weirdest and weirdest game controllers in history

Roll & Rocker is another unusual controller for the NES that has passed away suddenly. But unlike Power Glove for Roll & Rocker is hardly anyone bored except, perhaps, those who like to experience pain. Roll & Rocker sounds interesting enough - to release the controller in the form of a circular platform and allow players to control the movement of the characters by tilting the platform in the desired direction with their feet. As you might have guessed, this is far from the safest way to control, after all, fail with Roll & Rocker was a trifle business, and add to this the frequent malfunctions of the device and you get a real weapon of torture for the physical and mental health of gamers.

4. Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style Pad

Top 10 weirdest and weirdest game controllers in history

Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style Pad, released in 1999 as a companion item for the fighting game Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style, is another ergonomically unsuccessful gamepad that is only suitable for expanding the game collection. If the shape in the form of the letter "W" can still be treated with understanding, then the absence of analog sticks and vibration automatically put an end to the controller. To release a similar product for the Playstation, which has been dominated by DualShock for several years, is a suicidal undertaking.

3. U-Force

Top 10 weirdest and weirdest game controllers in history

We present to you another controller, which advertisements aggressively presented as a "revolutionary device", and as a result, another impractical dust collector fell on humanity. With two perpendicularly standing U-Force IR screens for the NES console, he had to read the position of the hands and convert them into the movement of the game characters. In other words, we have before us the first device in history, for interaction with which it was not even necessary to touch it with your hands, which was further emphasized by the slogan "Don't Touch". Everything is fine, except for one detail - the controller either did not work at all in games, or read the movement so wrongly that the game turned into a real torture.

2. RailDriver

Top 10 weirdest and weirdest game controllers in history

For railroad simulators, the PC looks like the best platform, because how could there be a better device for controlling a train than a keyboard with a few dozen buttons? It turns out that we can still offer real connoisseurs the RailDriver controller released in 2003. Levers for reverse, brake and throttle control, built-in display and over 30 buttons included. Unlike most of the controllers mentioned above, RailDriver has no serious flaws, but given the non-standard concept itself, we could not pass it by.

1. Cheetah CharacteriStick Joysticks

Top 10 weirdest and weirdest game controllers in history

The Cheetah CharacteriStick series of joysticks is a great example of where the market sets some pretty absurd precedents in the pursuit of loyal fan dollars. It seems to us that the collection from Cheetah CharacteriStick is ahead of all competitors. It is unlikely that even more impractical joysticks will ever be created. However, there is no limit to (not) perfection.

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