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PlayStation 5 Update


Current consoles are gradually becoming obsolete and losing their relevance. With a high degree of probability, we can assume that in the near future the companies that set the tone in this direction - Sony and Microsoft - will delight their fans with new products.

While the Americans are silent and hid, the Japanese have given out a lot of information that needs to be rethought. This review contains most of the information related to the promising development - the Sony PlayStation 5 console.

Electronic cartridge

Resource Techtastic recently published interesting data. According to him, Sony has recently received a patent for the production of an electronic game cartridge. Someone will think that history repeats itself or everything returns to the past. But this is not the case.

Modern similar products are more technological and capacious. Everyone remembers the Nintendo Switch on cartridges and its success. This suggests the possibility of placing modern toys on these carriers. Enough space and capacity.

Nintendo Switch

For those concerned with environmental issues, it can be noted that there is currently no harm to nature from the production of such cartridges. They are made from artificial, synthetic resin that does not harm the environment.


Another piece of information is about controllers. Sony has patented a similar device with a touchscreen. It is likely that the developers and engineers of this company have followed the beaten path of using the DualShock 4. It is very likely that they will replace the touch panel with a small display. In this case, the information content will not suffer.

Playstation 5

Remembering Nintendo again, it is easy to assume that Sony specialists will combine two consoles in one device - home and portable. But this is unlikely because there are risks.

If a hybrid device is created, the company could lose the home console market by giving it to Microsoft. In addition, such actions are not tied to the words of Sony Interactive Entertainment Director John Coder.

He recently answered a question from a Bloomberg reporter asking about the successor to the portable PS Vita. D. Kodera said that instead of separating home and portable consoles, work should be done on the latter in order to obtain a tool to expand the gaming experience.


From this we can assume that this company is still developing accessories for the Sony PlayStation 5, and maybe another device. She specializes in the production of a wide range of goods.

Before the release of the fourth model, the consoles said that it would not have physical media. This did not happen, which only confirms the above assumptions.

Possible hardware stuffing

A few days ago, images with comments appeared on the Internet. They said that this is a PlayStation 5 prototype. According to the announced information, this prototype worked in debug mode.

However, a refutation was quickly received. Some users thought it was the Dev Kit, a stripped down debugging version used by the developers. However, this information was not confirmed.

An insider who launched a conversation on the Reddit forum gave details of the internal arrangement of the console. Previously, this source has already reported data on the company Sony and they turned out to be reliable. According to him, the Ryzen chipset from AMD, which has eight cores, will run all the processes. In tandem with it, the Navi graphics chip is configured to function. With its help, the set-top box will be able to work in 4K mode at 60 frames per second.

Playstation 5 concept art

The main accessory for the Sony PS 5 will be the PlayStation VR headset, and its second generation is almost complete.

The cost of the game console is not yet known, but experts believe that it will not exceed $ 500.

The most exciting news is that Sony has announced the cancellation of its annual PlayStation Experience event and, for the first time in 24 years, has pulled out of CES 2019. From this it is clear that the alleged announcement of the PlayStation 5 will take place in the second half 2019. The console is likely to go on sale late next year or early 2020.

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Author: Jake Pinkman